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iSolveLife with Redikall

Experience Personal & Spiritual Growth with Ease

Your your gateway to spiritual and personal growth. Our mission is to help you transcend the need for challenges and problems, allowing you to progress peacefully with ease, grace, and bliss. Whether you seek temporary solutions or wish to rise beyond the need for solutions, we are here to guide you through our comprehensive courses, workshops, retreats, membership programs, and supportive community. Our goal is to ensure you live a purposeful, happy, and blissful life, embodying your best self as per your unique life plan.

Think your Way to A Magnificent Life

We are here to guide you through

Our Philosophy

At iSolveLife with Redikall, we believe that personal and spiritual growth doesn't have to be a struggle. Aatmn Parmar's method allows you to grow with fun and joy. She developed the Redikall system, a set of principles and techniques that are easy, effortless, and suitable for all ages. Thousands have benefited from our training workshops and techniques, which emphasize: Self-Help: Most techniques can be practiced independently. Ease of Application: Techniques can be used during daily activities like bathing, ironing, or walking. Community Support: A strong community that supports each other. Mentor Network: A powerful network of mentors to support you during times of distress. Personalized Insights: Regular insights from the subconscious and superconscious minds. Mind-Body-Soul Connection: Understanding the mind through the body using multi-chakra awareness.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create synergy and harmony in the world, allowing each individual to maintain their true essence while synchronizing with the highest frequencies. Solving problems might be the starting point, our ultimate goal is to help you rise beyond the need for challenges and troubles for personal and spiritual growth.

Our Approach

We share powerful techniques that combine chakra insights with thought and emotion management. These techniques help you connect with the superconsciousness for answers, guidance, and solutions, making your life journey as smooth as driving on a super express highway with GPS assistance.

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About Aatmn Parmar

Founder of Redikall

Aatmn Parmar, a homeopathic physician, regression therapist, and multi-chakra expert, has designed powerful techniques that bridge the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and superconsciousness to provide answers, guidance, and solutions. While others are busy fixing the world outside, Aatmn Parmar has discovered a way to shift thoughts, emotions, and beliefs from within, creating lasting change.

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Meet The  Team

Aligned, Passionate, Working Towards Bringing Redikall to the World

Redikall is a growing movement lead by a small team of passionate ex-students who had their lives changed for the better using Redikall and believe that the modality is one that everyone can use to

Think your Way to A Magnificent Life

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