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Meet The Team - Shital Gusani

Updated: May 8

Redikall Meet The Team
Shital Gusani - Redikall In- house Mentor

Meet Shital Gusani, Redikall In-house Mentor, Team Redikall

Meet Shital Gusani, a dedicated holistic healer whose transformative journey into awareness began with her Guru and learning Reiki in 1992.

Over the years, she has cultivated a profound understanding of natural and holistic healing, guiding others through customized sessions, insightful blogs, and podcasts. With certifications in various modalities including Redikall, Reiki, Access Bars, Pranic Healing, Sound Healing, B&C Miracle Method, Shital empowers individuals to embrace a lifestyle that nurtures consciousness and well-being.

Shital is also a Theater artist. She reaches out to people also through her Facebook page “ Merahkee “and “A Nudge, Poetry and Painting”.

Her Redikall healing expertise has relieved and transformed numerous people in their physical and emotional ailments, earning her recognition. Through Redikall, Shital offers a unique approach to healing, rooted in the power of affirmative statements and the belief that transformation begins with understanding and changing adverse thoughts.

Redikall has become her life purpose giving her fast and amazing results for Physical ailments, Migraines, Arthritis, Insomnia, Backache, and many more.

She believes that when one surrenders to Love, everything transforms into Love.

Meet The Team - Shital Gusani

Contact details:

Contact No. : +971 508418678 / 00971508418678

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