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Meet The Team - Renu Sharma

Redikall Team Member - Student Counsellor and In-House Mentor
Meet The Team - Renu Sharma

Meet Renu Sharma, Student Counselor, In-house Mentor, Team Redikall

Renu Sharma, a mentor and student counselor at Redikall, hails from Ahmedabad. As a nutritionist and yoga therapist, she brings a wealth of expertise. Her journey demonstrates the transformative power of Redikall techniques, unlocking her full potential by overcoming personal barriers.

By utilizing Redikall's powerful techniques to align with her life plan, Renu overcame her lack of assertiveness and opened herself up to abundance. With tools such as the Redikall Multi-Chakra and metaphysical insights, she experienced multidimensional growth and empowerment.

As a mentor, Renu guides others on their paths to transformation, using the Redikall Multi-Chakra recitation, and mentors them through the curriculum. She firmly believes in aligning with the Seven Principles of Redikall and embracing one's authentic self as the key to realizing one's life plan.

In her interactions with students and clients, Renu embodies these principles, fostering an environment of authenticity, growth, and alignment. Her dedication to helping others align with their life plans mirrors her journey, making her a valuable asset to the Redikall community.

Meet The Team - Renu Sharma

Contact details:

WhatsApp : 9820241639

Insta : renuamitvikram

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