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Experience Deep Tissue Relaxation with Somatic Symphony in Ahmedabad

Amit Vikram Sharma found solace in the healing vibrations of Somatic Symphony while dealing with the stress of new work projects and caregiving responsibilities.

Shoulder pain is a common problem due to long working hours, poor ergonomic setups, and unhealthy working habits. caused by prolonged working hours, improper ergonomic arrangements, and work practices. However, many are unaware that our deep tissues hold onto stored emotions and thoughts, especially in the neck and shoulders.

Somatic Symphony offers a technique to alleviate this stress through rhythmic, systematic movements that target the muscles around the shoulder joint and neck, promoting cervical spondylitis relief and deep tissue relaxation. This method deeply relaxes and also provides significant pain relief and somatic healing.

Participants often experience transformative regressions into past lives, uncovering and safely releasing long-forgotten traumatic events without fuss or drama. Many find the workshops life-changing, and some return to delve even deeper into the cellular memories stored within their tissues.

This therapeutic practice is accessible even to beginners and carried out fully clothed, ensuring comfort and safety under expert guidance.

On April 5th, a diverse group including a doctor, professor, actress, investor, yoga teacher, and healer all benefited from the therapeutic effects of Somatic Symphony.

Amit, attending with his wife, experienced profound relief through multiple sessions. The couple looks forward to further bonding through mutual stress-relief exercises and the nurturing power of touch.

In a world dominated by digital communication, personal touch becomes scarce, and the noise of our internal and external environments often drowns out the symphony of our bodies.

Take a moment to unwind, tune into the beautiful vibrations emanating from your tissues, and let your life harmonize with the healing rhythms of Somatic Symphony.

Here’s a glimpse of Amit’s transformative journey during the workshop.

Redikall Workshop
Somatic Symphony Workshop in Ahmedabad

Redikall Workshop
Somatic Symphony participant - Amit Vikram Sharma

Redikall Workshop
Amit Vikram Sharma - Somatic Symphony Workshop

Redikall Insights
Somatic Symphony Workshop

Redikall Insights
Somatic Symphony Workshop in Ahmedabad

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