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Meet The Team - Jigar Panchal

Redikall Team
Jigar Panchal

Meet Jigar: Head of Accounts at Redikall

Jigar is a multifaceted personality with passion and an unwavering eagerness to make life easier for everyone around him. As the Head of Accounts at Redikall, Jigar brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to the table, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

Beyond his role in accounts, Jigar is an accomplished Redikall Mentor, Vastu Consultant, Numerologist, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, and Mind and Memory Trainer. His diverse skill set reflects his passion for personal growth and holistic wellbeing.

Jigar's journey with Redikall began five years ago when he attended a workshop that sparked a profound shift in his awareness and presence. Intrigued by the transformative power of Redikall, he delved deeper into the curriculum, seeking to unlock greater success and fulfillment in his life.

Through his journey with Redikall, Jigar gained practical insights into life and spirituality, particularly in understanding the dynamics of relationships and personal growth. His dedication to self-improvement, coupled with his hard work and discipline, has enabled him to guide others on their paths to success.

Drawing from the Multi Chakra knowledge of Redikall, Jigar has found ease in managing relationships and finances, unlocking new levels of abundance and harmony. By embracing the principles of karma and taking responsibility for his life, he has witnessed profound transformations in all aspects of his life.

Jigar seamlessly incorporates Redikall practices such as 'Soul's Love' and 'Transform and Transcend' into his daily routine, experiencing remarkable growth and expansion. His ease in using Redikall Affirmations underscores his deep understanding and integration of these powerful techniques.

In Jigar, you'll find not just a Head of Accounts, but a compassionate mentor, a spiritual guide, and a beacon of light for those seeking growth and transformation. His journey with Redikall serves as an inspiring example of what is possible when we align our actions with our highest potential.

We are proud to have Jigar as part of our team at Redikall, where his passion, expertise, and caring nature continue to uplift and inspire us all!

Meet The Team-Jigar Panchal

Contact details:

Mobile : +7226002657

Insta Profile : igsh=NTdvOXJmdjBocjR0

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