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Synchronize with Appreciation

2nd March, 2024

From neglect to Appreciation with Redikall
Synchronicity with Appreciation

Unlocking Appreciation 

Feeling appreciated is a fundamental human need. It boosts our confidence, motivates us to excel, and strengthens our relationships. It’s like a tonic to our body that enhances & keeps our energy to the optimum.

We crave for appreciation, but it can be elusive.

Not just that. You may feel undervalued & not acknowledged. However, demanding appreciation rarely works. Instead, unlock the secrets to naturally attract appreciation & recognition through Redikall and build stronger relationships.

Remember, appreciation is a two-way street. When you appreciate others, it encourages them to reciprocate.

Master the Art of "Specific Gratitude" by ditching generic "thank yous." Instead, highlight specific actions or qualities you appreciate. E.g.: 

"I loved your creative ideas in the meeting!"

“ Your neatness in all that you do inspires me”, etc. 

Learn to read between the lines as they may be appreciating you behind your back. 

Most importantly, check with yourself:

Are you ready to receive appreciation?

If there is any discomfort or uneasiness in being appreciated, address it with Redikall Statements asap & open up to be recognized & appreciated.   

Synchronize with Appreciation with Redikall
My Redikall Affirmations

Synchronize with Appreciation

Here are Redikall Transformative Statements to help you synchronize with appreciation:

Recite them 7 times.

I transform and transcend my shyness.

I transform and transcend my belief that appreciation leads to betrayal.

I transform and transcend my fear that appreciation makes me arrogant.

I transform and transcend my regret of not recognizing others’ help.

I transform and transcend feeling 

unworthy to receive appreciation.

I awaken admiration.

I awaken identification.

I awaken rewards.

I awaken the valued me.

I synchronize with appreciation.

I synchronize with acclaim.

I synchronize with honor.

I synchronize with respect.

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