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Meet The Team - Arati Gupta

Updated: Apr 30

Meet The Redikall Team
Arati Gupta, Redikall In-house Mentor, Team Redikall

Meet Arati Gupta, Redikall In-house Mentor, Team Redikall

Arati Gupta embodies love, humility, and compassion, captivating hearts with her soulful singing and remarkable healing abilities. With over 30 years of experience as a Psycho-Spiritual Healer, she has learnt various modalities like Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression Therapy, Reiki, and Transpersonal Regression Therapy. Her deep knowledge of the multiple disciplines helps her understand how to heal people psychosomatically.

Arati's profound connection with people fosters security and comfort, instilling positivity in their lives. Redikall, a revolutionary method she embraces, has become her guiding light, infusing simplicity and clarity into her journey of self-realization.

Incorporating Redikall principles into her daily life, Arati effortlessly embodies guidance, support, healing, and love for herself and others, transcending challenges with grace and understanding. Redikall, in essence, restores balance and well-being on all levels, empowering individuals to discover their true selves, purpose, and the profound meaning of life's experiences. She believes in living life, loving life!

Aarti believes all who wish to live a fulfilled life, discover their authentic self and purpose, and understand that all that happens with or around them is so for their greater good, should discover Redikall. She says "Awaken your Self. Let go of all Strife”.

As a Senior Redikall Practitioner & Mentor, Arati considers Redikall her ‘go-to’ discipline. She has also conducted many workshops online and onsite in Singapore, Germany, Sweden, France, Italy, the UK, and the US on parenting, relationships, the divine feminine, ancestral healing, body intelligence, money, sexuality, etc., all using Redikall techniques. She helps people raise their Consciousness with the revolutionary method of Awakening and Self-Realization through Redikall.

Meet The Team - Arati Gupta

Contact details:

Contact No. : +91 9811516021

Insta : ati_antaraa_redikall

YouTube : AtiAntaraa_Redikall

Facebook : Ati Antaraa for Alternate Healing

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1 Comment

Arati Gupta
Arati Gupta
Apr 30

Thank you Renu for your loving write up ❤️🙏


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