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Meet The Team - Deepa Purushottam

Redikall Senior mentor and Faccilitator, Admin Supervisor
Deepa Purushottam

Meet Deepa Purushottam, our Administrative Supervisor and a Senior Mentor to our several students.

Deepa is a passionate, versatile, and authentic person who approaches every task with down-to-earth ease.

Her journey from the corridors of tradition to the realms of self-discovery and empowerment is captivating. Raised in the richness of spirituality in a devout Gujarati family, her early years were steeped in rituals, mythology, and the wisdom of the Bhagwat Geeta. Yet, as she navigated through the logical maze of adulthood, curiosity beckoned, challenging the beliefs she once held dear. Amidst the hustle of the corporate world and the joys of family life, Deepa found herself yearning for something more, a quest that led her to the profound world of spirituality.

In her pursuit of understanding life's intricacies, Deepa delved into an array of Alternative Healing modalities, accumulating certifications like treasured jewels. However, it was Redikall that illuminated her path, unraveling the threads of her existence and revealing the hidden significance of every experience. Through its transformative techniques, she unearthed the courage to confront her vulnerabilities, embrace the present moment, and decode the intricate dance of karma and reality.

Spirituality for Deepa is not just about ritual, it intertwines with science to create a profound understanding. With Redikall as her guiding light, she navigates the complexities of existence with grace and clarity, empowering others to embark on their journeys of self-discovery. Her joy lies in shedding light on the paths of truth-seekers, weaving strands of consciousness into the fabric of humanity's tapestry.

In Deepa's story, spirituality is not just a destination but a journey of continual growth, where the union of science and the profound wisdom of Redikall paves the way for true liberation.

Meet The Team - Deepa Purushottam

Contact details:

Mobile : 8780338453

Insta Profile : deepa_purushottam

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