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Meet The Team - Mamatha Honnavar

23rd April, Tuesday

Team Redikall
Mamatha Honnavar : Redikall In-house Mentor,

Meet Mamatha Honnavar, Redikall In-house Mentor, Team Redikall

Mamatha Honnavar is a remarkable individual with a wealth of expertise and experience that positively impacts the lives of those around her. As a Senior Redikall Practitioner & Mentor, her extensive knowledge spans various disciplines, including Clinical Hypnotherapy, New Code NLP Coaching, Counseling in Child Psychology & Counseling Psychology, Special Education, Sound Healing Therapy, and Reiki Mastery.

Within educational settings, Mamatha serves as a Counselor & Special Educator, working directly with students and training teachers to identify and support children with special needs. Her dedication extends beyond the classroom as she guides parents, fostering deeper connections within families to enhance parent-child relationships using Redikall tools and techniques.

Mamatha attributes much of her success and clarity to Redikall Multi Chakra Insights, a transformative tool that guides her interactions with teachers, parents, and students. She reflects on a pivotal moment when attending Advanced Redikall Consciousness -Level 3 in Gujarat, where she experienced a profound shift, igniting a newfound sense of purpose and direction.

For Mamatha, incorporating Redikall into every aspect of her life is natural and profound. Whether in her role as a counselor, educator, mother, grandmother, or friend, Redikall provides clear and effortless guidance, shaping her journey and enhancing her experiences.

She describes Redikall as, R - Revitalizing,  E - Elevating,  D - Deep,  I - Insightful,  K - Karma Clearing, A - Astonishing,  L - Loving, and L - Liberating. It fosters individuals to embrace themselves fully and lead fulfilled lives.

According to Mamatha, embracing Redikall is synonymous with embracing life, leading to a heightened awareness of the blessings surrounding us. She emphasizes the simplicity and effectiveness of Redikall, urging others to invest in themselves and reap the unlimited dividends it offers.

In Mamatha's view, with Redikall, one has everything one needs to thrive. It's a way of life - a journey toward self-reliance, love, abundance, and joy.

Meet The Team - Mamatha Honnavar

Contact details:

Contact No. : 9960099308

Insta : mamatharedikall8

YouTube : mamathahonnavar8409

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