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Instead of being capable, stronger and more efficient, focus on the core strength. Each one of us have a unique strength, it could be a simple smile, it could be creativity, it could be articulation of the right words at the right time, it could be your patience. Focus on your strength. The more you focus, the more you enhance and eventually remaining weaknesses, if any will take a backstage and what you highlight to yourself and the world is your amazing asset. If you look at the most successful people, they may not be totally perfect. They never waited to be perfect. They simply focused on the core strength and did their best out their core strength and that gave them a unique position in their lives. "What is my core strength?" Keep asking this question and gradually you will be able to recognise and highlight that. Meanwhile let us do some clearance statements: I purify my tendency to find the faults in myself. I purify my tendency to wait for the perfection. I purify my need to be like someone else.

I awaken my core strength. I synchronise with my core strength. Keep reciting and enjoy an Awesome life with Awesome vibes...

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