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Circle of Peaceful & Passionate Progress

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Welcome to the circle of Peaceful and Passionate and Progress! The "Circle of Passionate and Peaceful Progress" is a worldwide movement to inspire people to remain peacefully as well as passionately progressive to manifest a meaningful life and spread peace in the inner and outer world. We send powerful statements daily and meet online or onsite regularly to inspire and support each other. Here is the link to join my circle of peaceful progress… 

Your words hold the power to transform your life. To change your outer reality, start by changing the way you think. You have to try it to believe it! Here are three steps we suggest:

  1. Morning Affirmations: Recite them 21 times.

  2. Night Affirmations: Write them 21 times.

  3. Gratitude Exercise: Write a thank-you note in your diary, or call or message someone to express your gratitude. For example, "I am grateful to my friend for helping me become independent" or "I…

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