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Circle of Peaceful & Passionate Progress

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Welcome to the circle of Peaceful and Passionate and Progress! The "Circle of Passionate and Peaceful Progress" is a worldwide movement to inspire people to remain peacefully as well as passionately progressive to manifest a meaningful life and spread peace in the inner and outer world. We send powerful statements daily and meet online or onsite regularly to inspire and support each other. Here is the link to join my circle of peaceful progress… 

Your words hold the power to transform your life. To change your outer reality, start by changing the way you think. You have to try it to believe it! Here are three steps we suggest:

  1. Morning Affirmations: Recite them 21 times.

  2. Night Affirmations: Write them 21 times.

  3. Gratitude Exercise: Write a thank-you note in your diary, or call or message someone to express your gratitude. For example, "I am grateful to my friend for helping me become independent" or "I am grateful to my sister for her unconditional support."

Here is some information for you (poster).

As a gesture of gratitude, you can share this poster with someone or post it on social media as your status or story. OUR GOAL Our goal is to restore passion and peace in the world, starting by instilling them in our own subconscious minds.

When you write affirmations, you integrate positive thoughts and energies into your personality. Each day, we focus on different concepts, leading to an amazing transformation in you and, collectively, creating a better universe. WHY WAIT? Many people wait for positive changes in the outside world before they feel positive within, but this approach can lead to frustration. Instead, start with an internal shift, and you'll be amazed at how your external world changes. THEY KEY TO SUCCESS: There's one major difference between successful and not-so-successful people: successful people pursue their passion or create a passion for what they are assigned. You can be truly passionate when your head, heart, and soul are in complete alignment and integration.

Average individuals waste a lot of time, energy, and resources due to inner conflict between their head, heart, and soul. The magical word "passion" not only solves this problem but also energizes you to conquer various life challenges. PEACEFUL PROGRESS AND PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT: We often blame situations or people for our suffering and setbacks. However, by blaming them, we inadvertently affirm that they have power over us, making us feel powerless. Take your power back! Stop blaming others, and make peace with yourself and your circumstances.

Being at peace isn't a sign of weakness. When you stop reacting to adversities and adverse people, you conserve energy and time. Making peace with who you are and how you are saves you from fighting adversities, shortcomings, and certain guilts.

When you are at peace, your mind and body relax, allowing you to access brilliant creative ideas, solutions, and inner guidance. You can progress peacefully if you consistently train your mind. Stay persistent and consistent with your affirmations, and let their magic guide you towards your best. INCREASE YOUR PERSONAL POWERS WITH MEDITATION While meditation is a way of life, it can begin in various ways, and everyone may have their favorite approach. The ultimate goal is to gather all your energies and reconnect with the highest consciousness, leading to a peaceful and blissful experience.

Relax with a body detox meditation. Simply listen to the YouTube video provided and let the magic of Redikall Statements relax your body, guiding you into a beautiful meditative space.

Meditation Insights:There are many meditation techniques, but the key is to make meditation a way of life, keeping a constant connection with the highest consciousness to be progressively passionate and peaceful. It's like having your computer connected to the internet and GPS. When your mind is guided by cloud consciousness, your peaceful and passionate progress is inevitable. THE POWER OF POSITIVITY An award-winning farmer shared his seeds with neighboring farmers. When skeptics and competitors questioned him, he explained, "Healthy crops in my village ensure that my crop remains healthy." This is the power of positivity—it's contagious and can positively influence many lives.

Positivity and Influence:Surround yourself with positive, passionate, and peaceful people to live a successful and peaceful life. You don't need to reject or run away from negative people; instead, let them be positively influenced by your transformation. Share these posters as your status regularly so everyone in your circle gets a chance to read them. They can join the introductory WhatsApp group or the online group. Together, we can create a world full of positive, peaceful, and passionate people.

Continuing the Journey: Keep following the instructions. We hope you've glimpsed the benefits of Redikall Recitation. This is just the beginning—greater benefits come with continued practice. Join the main Circle of Peaceful and Progressive individuals for at least three months. You'll meet like-minded people supporting you, along with daily powerful affirmations. THE NEW BEGINNING: The end of the day marks the beginning of a beautiful night, and the end of the night paves the way for the positive vibrations of dawn. As this introductory note concludes, I'm excited to invite you to join continue participating in our Circle of Peaceful and Passionate Progress for at least the next three months, free of charge. You can show your gratitude in many ways, and I am always open to being rewarded for my passionate work.

Your Choices Moving Forward:

  1. Continue with the Main CircleSteadily progress with the Circle of Passionate and Peaceful Progress.

  2. Seek One-on-One Consultation:

  1. Fast-Track Your ProgressUnderstand your mind and learn to design your own powerful statements.

Expressing Gratitude:

Thank you for participating and following my posts regularly. Let's enhance the beauty of our shared planet by sowing the seeds of passion, peace, and progress in people's lives. Looking forward to staying in touch. Lots of love to all. Stay tuned and Keep participating in the group

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