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Arati Gupta
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Giving Space to Self & Others for an Aligned Life

Why would you be possessive about any person, pet, an object, a certain situation and deprive them of the space and liberty they deserve? Shifting from possessiveness and clingy behaviour to allowing space for others involves recognising that love and honour is rooted in realigning to security, trust, respect and the faith within, not control.

Understand that possessiveness often stems from insecurity, some serious loss or trauma. Possessiveness is merely an attempt to prevent further loss in the future. And that is suffocating for your self and others.

How about building self-confidence and addressing any underlying fears. Practice self-awareness to notice when these behaviours arise and challenge the association of possessiveness with love. Remember that healthy relationships thrive on mutual freedom and individuality. Have the faith that people, possibilities meant to be in your space will remain in your space.

Focus on open communication, expressing your feelings without demanding control. Trust your loved ones and have faith in the strength of your relationships. Allowing others their space demonstrates love and respect, reinforcing integrity in your actions. Engage in activities that nurture your own interests and well-being, which helps reduce dependency on others. By trusting yourself and giving space, you can create a balanced, loving relationship with all that you intend.

Here are some Redikall affirmations to help you to overcome your possessiveness and move forward with love, faith, integrity to give space to yourself and others.

-With Redikall Consciousness I accept and embrace my insecurities

-With Redikall Consciousness I accept and embrace my possessiveness

-With Redikall Consciousness I accept and embrace my association of possessiveness with love

-With Redikall Consciousness I accept and embrace my loss and trauma

-With Redikall Consciousness I accept and embrace my underlying fears

-With Redikall Consciousness I awaken self awareness

-With Redikall Consciousness I awaken healthy relationships

-With Redikall Consciousness I awaken open communication

-With Redikall Consciousness I awaken freedom and trust

-With Redikall Consciousness I awaken honor for self and others

-With Redikall Consciousness I awaken my ability to give space to myself and others

I passionately progress by giving space to others

I peacefully progress by giving space to others

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