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How can you be a happy achiever?

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Reset Your Mindset to manifest a happy life with Redikall Multi-Chakra Insights, techniques and philosophy.

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Be a happy achiever in life with Redikall
A retreat in Rishikesh

20th December, Wednesday 2023

How can you be your happy self?

Redikall helps in synchronizing with happiness and overcoming disappointments
My Redikall Affirmations

Life doesn't always go according to our plans, desires, expectations, and demands. People have their free will. Circumstances are shaped by collective free will and governed by higher intelligence beyond our control. That's why the things we hope for and expect from life don't always turn out exactly as we want.


Disappointment is the result of the gap between expectations and manifestation. You may not be able to control what manifests. But you can reduce disappointment and related feelings to a great extent.


Address the adverse beliefs related to disappointment, e.g., you believe that a close friend or relative always disappoints you. For sure, you will not give this

person a chance to meet your expectations.

Ask yourself this question, how accomplished do you feel on a scale of 0 to 10?

Here are more Redikall Statements to help you synchronize with your happy achiever self.

Recite these statements 3-7 times each to feel the difference.

  • I transform and transcend my reasons for disappointment.

  • I transform and transcend the brilliance in disappointment.

  • I transform and transcend my need for disappointment.

  • I transform and transcend beliefs related to disappointment.

  • I transform and transcend my emotions related to disappointment.

  • I awaken contentment.

  • I awaken fulfillment.

  • I synchronize with happiness.

  • I synchronize with the happy achiever in me.

Awakening Self-Appreciation : The Journey Within

With Redikall awaken the happy achiever in you
Awaken Self- Appreciation

When was the last time you were full of self-appreciation? What would make you truly appreciate yourself? What would happen if you appreciated yourself?

Answers to these questions will give you deep insights.

Wellness with Multi-Chakra Awareness Show

Get Multi-Chakra Guidance today!

Topic: How to enhance your full potential

The video is available on the Aatmn Parmar YouTube channel.

Days: Mon-Fri ( Daily)

Time:11:00 am IST

Meeting ID: 832 5713 9890

Passcode: 432547

Recommended Redikall Events

Name of the event



Soul Metaplay

Retreat in Bengaluru

Onsite Residential Workshop by Aatmn Parmar

Karma Clearance

 14-day Online course

Tue, Jan 02

Karma Clearance - 14-day Online course

If you have not been able to solve your problems in conventional ways, try Spiritual Solution Online Training and Support. Solve problems with higher consciousness.

SS Level 3 - Advanced Redikall Consciousness


You have an opportunity to learn Redikall SS Level 3 (ARC) ONLINE from the founder Aatmn Parmar. Think your way to an Empowered Personal and Professional Life with Advanced Redikall Consciousness.


The current batch started on 16th November 2023.

Events to Date:





Talk on Prosperity Consciousness

Ms. Uma Sangal

7.30 am IST

Premium Members only (Link shared in the Redikall App)


Special Learning Session

Ms. Uma Sangal

8.00 am IST

Premium Members Only (Link shared in the Redikall App)


Wellness with Awareness show

Ms. Aatmn Parmar

11.00 am IST


Multi-Chakra Guidance and Affrimations

Ms. Renu Sharma

6.00 pm IST

Open to all Zoom Link


Redikall Recitation in English

Ms. Shital Gusani

 10:00 pm IST

Premium Members Only (Link shared in the Redikall App)


Redikall Soul Metaplay in Bengaluru

Onsite Residential Workshop by Aatmn Parmar.

Exciting Weekends with Redikall in January
Redikall Soul Metaplay in Bengaluru

Redikall Soul Metaplay® is a group healing method, where we simulate real-life drama through a diverse group of participants to observe and heal the games we are playing or inviting in our personal life. The healing happens through group recitation of Redikall Statements and Chakra knowledge of Redikall Healing.

Every drama generates interesting insights into your personal and professional life and raises your level of consciousness to make a positive difference in your life with higher wisdom.

This is a profound method of addressing ancestral influences, family curses, unknown energetic influences, an imbalance in your masculine and feminine principles, financial difficulties, relationships and professional challenges. It is purely experiential and creates a wonderful learning opportunity for each individual.

Date : 13th January 2024

Place : Bengaluru


Year End Discount offer on Spiritual Solution Level 1 Part 1, starting on

4th January 2024.

Redikall Curriculum with metaphysical Insights for beginners
Redikall Spiritual Solution Level 1 Part 1

Enroll now for just Rs. 2,000/- + GST – a remarkable discount

The original course fee of Rs. 6,000/-.

Secure your spot at this exclusive rate and make the most of this limited-time opportunity!

The flagship course of the Spiritual Solution series introduces you to powerful knowledge and techniques to bridge your Conscious Mind with Super Conscious Mind.

Eligibility: Basic Knowledge of English and age 18+. Preparation to learn and interact on online platforms.


1st Step to the Redikall Curriculum

Watch the video for a glimpse into "What is Redikall?" 

The next batch will start on 4th January 2023. 

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All (First 30 mins. free)

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