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How to ease your life?

I have often seen people around me, taking great pride in facing all sorts of odds, challenges, and difficulties.

A young businesswoman once approached me with considerable challenges in her business. Despite her brilliant ideas, dedicated execution, and hard work, she described a series of difficulties from minor issues with the staff to a major accident in her workplace.

She had a constant complaint about not getting enough financial backing to boost her plan. By the time she would get money, it'd be too late, and at times she would have lost on time, appropriateness, opportunities, or finances.

She was at her wit's end and ready to reconcile and withdraw into a shell. The emotional hurt and pain was palpable throughout her telephonic narration.

We came to a juncture where I asked her, "What if the business did well and all was fine at your end? "

She said, "I would start another project and invest there."

'Why?' I asked her.

'I don't know... There wouldn't be any fun if all was going smoothly. Everything was so easy and challenge-free '.

She mentioned an incident in the recent past, where she was sitting idle. Someone commented that she should not be sitting idle when there are so many problems. Considering that she is super efficient, and faster than anyone, she had plenty of time on her hands. As a result, she often felt guilty if she was doing nothing.

Where does this guilt originate from?

She went back to her childhood when her father reprimanded her for sitting idle just before exams. Even though she had completed her studies; she was confident of scoring well in her exams. Her father wanted to see her slogging hard like all the other girls around her. While trying to please her father by pretending to be busy, she did not realize that she had borrowed his beliefs related to success. Inadvertently she invited hardships and difficulties even though she needed none of them. Suddenly she realized that she was quite well placed and had all the support from her family and friends.

My favorite affirmation was ready for her:

Life is easy, life is effortless, and life is a lot of fun.

Write it 21 times for 21 days and witness your life easing out for good. This is one of the most simple and yet, very powerful affirmations, I have come across.

Even when I take training programs and some of the participants find it difficult to do the practice round, I ask them to stop for a while and recite the affirmation:

" Life is easy, life is effortless, and life is a lot of fun "

Lo and Behold! Everything starts sorting itself out. My workshop participants who attended the workshop 15 years ago, remember me for this affirmation because this single affirmation has made a huge difference in their lives.

My friend, who is a tour operator, while escorting foreign citizens in rural India, used to face tremendous challenges, difficulties, hardship, and non-cooperation. Recently I met one of his guest clients who had come to see me to express their gratitude for the beautiful affirmation: "Life is easy, life is simple. Life is a lot of fun."

When they started that day, there was a puncture. This happened in the middle of the road, and they did not get help. The driver did not have the necessary stuff to change the Stepney. They were annoyed at the unprofessional approach from their driver and the tour agency. My friend, their tour operator, intervened and asked them to start reciting

" Life is easy life is effortless, and life is a lot of fun ".

They said it was not correct. Where is the fun? Where is the ease?

He politely requested them to affirm the statement. Even his driver in his broken English with a Hindi accent joined the recitation, and in a few seconds, a truck driver stopped and offered his expertise and tools to change the tyre.

They were back on the road, and the rest of the trip was event-free.

My friend says, ' People start their tour with prayers. I start my tour with this affirmation.

I make everyone affirm, including my driver, my guests, my helper, and at times hotel staff where I stay. These are the same rural roads, the same hotels, and the same people, but guests are more comfortable, and happier, and always give him a 5-star rating at the end of an excellent tour.

Now, the question is:

Is life truly easy, effortless, and a lot of fun?

What happens to age-old beliefs? Like, no pain no gain? The more you work hard, the more you succeed.

If these beliefs were the ultimate truth, all hard-working laborers would have been the most successful and rich people in the world. If pain can indeed give you gain, all arthritis patients would be winners.

I have interviewed so many people who go through difficulties, hardships, and setbacks. There was one thing common among them: The fear of being the fortunate one. What if they genuinely get it on a silver plate and others feel jealous? It is better to make yourself believe that you have made it the hard way. You deserve every bit of your success and rewards.

It is your life, after all. And you have a lot more to do. Experience and enjoy. Do you wish to waste your precious time and resources to prove to yourself and others that you are the worthy ones to achieve all that you have got so far?

What if you get it all easily and effortlessly and spend some time having fun and joy?

Now is the time to face your inner resistance and conflict, because your respected elders have ingrained in your head the virtue of hard work and struggle. How can you go against them?

Trust, there are better things to inherit.

When I was a child, my grandmother used to make me fetch water from the well, wash clothes by beating with a wooden stick, and grind the flour with a stone mill, all of which was quite tough. She made sure that we never relaxed during the vacation. Though it was fun even then to enjoy a typical village lifestyle, given a chance, I would figure an easy way out to avail myself more time to relax and enjoy my life doing more creative activities like writing, channeling, and podcasting. I took time to re-frame and rewire my brain to overcome her advice and belief as I dearly loved her. She had a profound influence on my life.

Let me explain the metaphysical meaning of " Life is easy. Life is effortless and a lot of fun."

Life is like a river, flowing and allowing each one of us to go towards our life's ultimate purpose.

We have a choice of floating along with the flow. We have a choice - to go against the stream. We can jump into the water and actively make the best out of the flow. We can make our tiny puddle and swim in it like a tadpole. We can even keep waiting at the bank, feeling stuck there, wondering if we should jump in the flow.

It's your choice that will define your experience. When you say: "Life is easy, life is effortless, and life is a lot of fun." you naturally find yourself going along with the flow of life with Ease and Grace.

This seemingly simple affirmation has the power to align you with the purpose of life, without even attempting and working hard to do that.

Because " Life is easy, Life is simple, and Life is a lot of fun. "

Still, if you wish to make it difficult, challenging, boring, sad, and miserable, that is easy too. In any case, you are capable of inviting trouble. You are capable of having fun and fighting against all the odds. You are capable of easily and effortlessly inviting all kinds of adversities.

Mind experts say that all that is familiar is a 'pleasure' to your subconscious mind, and all that is unknown is 'pain' for your subconscious mind. So, you are having a lot of fun, running into trouble now and then...having 'fun' and having setbacks and difficulties all the time - because that is something your mind knows how to deal with.

Perhaps your mind does not know how to enjoy a consistent, happy, carefree, and relaxed life.

So how about intending and inviting an Easy, Effortless, and Joyous way of living life and making the best of every moment of your life?

Conserve your time, conserve your resources, conserve your energies, and apply them where they are needed the most. Make the best out of every moment, every opportunity, and every occasion with Ease, Grace, and Joy in a practically effortless way.

In short, when you are where you are meant to be, doing what you are meant to do, going where you are meant to go, your life is easy, effortless, and a lot of fun.

So, when you say "Life is easy. Life is effortless and Life is a lot of fun", your subconscious mind eventually aligns you with the purpose of your life. Total alignment with the ultimate purpose of life will make it Easy, Effortless, and joyful. And at the same time, make it a very constructive, meaningful, and fulfilling experience for you.

You may have experienced those moments when things happened easily beyond your imagination, almost like a miracle. You must be wondering how did that work? As you pursue the course on Spiritual Solution or Redikall Insights Curriculum, you will be able to enjoy a fulfilling life like a series of miracles.

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