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How can you be your joyous self?

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Reset Your Mindset to manifest a joyous life with Redikall Multi-Chakra Insights, techniques and philosophy.

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Redikall Awakening Retreat At Goa - 20th August -25th Aug 2023 , Bogmalo Beach Resort, South Goa

19th December, Tuesday 2023

How can you be your joyous self?

Awaken the inner joy in you with Redikall
My Redikall Affirmations

When you lose someone or something you love, what do you lose?

Dealing with loss can be extremely challenging, especially when it involves someone close to you. Losing one's reputation, position in society, or stability can also have a profound and lasting impact, which may take years to overcome. What may seem trivial to others can be a significant emotional wound for you. It’s good to allow yourself to react to the loss and to acknowledge and feel the emotions it brings up.


But sometimes, you have to keep your feelings to yourself, and this can lead you to suppress a part of yourself and ignore your emotions. You might feel empty or disconnected from yourself and the world due to all the unresolved feelings. Seeking therapy and support can help you work through this ‘void’ or the ‘frozen’ and ‘unavailable’ part of you. So, you can move to complete the process of grieving.

For now, let's focus on awakening the warmth of inner joy to melt away any frozen emotions.

Are you ready to begin?

Ask yourself a question

  • How joyous do you feel on a scale of 0 to 10?

Here are more Redikall Statements to help you synchronize with your joyous self.

Recite these statements 3-7 times each to feel the difference.

I transform and transcend my frozen emotions.

I transform and transcend the reasons for the frozen emotions.

I transform and transcend the brilliance in the frozen emotions.

I transform and transcend my fear of exposing my emotions.

I transform and transcend my fear of emotional outbursts.

I transform and transcend my fear of hurting others through my emotional outbursts.

I transform and transcend my need to show a brave face.

I transform and transcend my inner void.

warm and loving emotions.

I awaken myself.

I awaken fully and safely express myself.

I synchronize with a joyous life. I synchronize with joyous relationships. I synchronize with a joyous career.

 Unlocking Inner Healing: Overcoming Suppressed Grief

In our journey through life, we often encounter losses that can affect us deeply, sometimes leaving behind wounds that take years to heal. These losses can come in various forms – the loss of a loved one, reputation, societal position, or stability. Sometimes, what seems trivial to the world can become a deep emotional wound for us.

Wellness with Multi-Chakra Awareness Show

Get Multi-Chakra Guidance today!

Topic: Emotional Self-Defence - Part 2

The video is available on the Aatmn Parmar YouTube channel.

Days: Mon-Fri ( Daily)

Time:11:00 am IST

Meeting ID: 832 5713 9890

Passcode: 432547

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Soul Metaplay

Retreat in Bengaluru

Onsite Residential Workshop by Aatmn Parmar

Karma Clearance

 14-day Online course

Tue, Jan 02

Karma Clearance - 14-day Online course

If you have not been able to solve your problems in conventional ways, try Spiritual Solution Online Training and Support. Solve problems with higher consciousness.

Redikall Spiritual Solution - Level 1 - Part 2 (Advanced Chakra Revival)


7 Major Chakras represent 7 phases of psycho-spiritual growth. Address each chakra systematically. Systematic work with each Chakra facilitates in-depth healing with the help of techniques learned in Part 1 of the Course.

Spiritual Solution Level 2 ERI + Manifestation


PART 1 - ESSENTIAL REDIKALL INSIGHTS (ERI) 250+ Minor Chakra knowledge for healing, spiritual growth, and personal transformation.



There are two major differences betweenRedikall Manifestation and the best-known ways of manifestation.

How can you be your joyous self?

Events to Date:

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Talk on Prosperity Consciousness

Ms. Uma Sangal

7.30 am IST

Premium Members only (Link shared in the Redikall App)


Special Learning Session

Ms. Uma Sangal

8.00 am IST

Premium Members Only (Link shared in the Redikall App)


Wellness with Awareness show

Ms. Aatmn Parmar

11.00 am IST


Redikall Soul Metaplay

Ms. Aatmn Parmar

3:30 pm

Premium Members Only (Link shared in the Redikall App)


Multi-Chakra Guidance and Affrimations

Ms. Renu Sharma

6.00 pm IST

Open to all Zoom Link


Redikall Recitation in English

Ms. Shital Gusani

 10:00 pm IST

Premium Members Only (Link shared in the Redikall App)


Redikall Soul Metaplay Retreat in Bengaluru

Soul Metaplay retreat in in Bengaluru
Redikall Soul Metaplay in Bengaluru

A Soul Metaplay is a profound method of addressing ancestral influences, family curses, unknown energetic influences, an imbalance in your masculine and feminine principles, financial difficulties, relationships, and professional challenges.

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Chat Support

6 am IST to 9 PM IST

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