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Awakening Self-Appreciation: The Journey Within

When was the last time you were full of self-appreciation? What would make you truly appreciate yourself? What would happen if you appreciated yourself?

Answers to these questions will give you deep insights.

If you have never appreciated yourself, it is time to start. If you have stopped, it is time to restart appreciating. 
If you have been appreciating yourself, it is time to do so all the more!

Let us address some of the concerns that come in the way of self-appreciation:

1. Fear of stagnation: Challenge your belief that self-appreciation will take away the incentive to continue bettering yourself.

2. Fear of arrogance: Challenge your fear of being arrogant if you appreciate yourself. When you feel small, you tend to overdo and over-perform out of ego, pride, and righteousness.

3. Fear of being self-obsessed: Just think about who is more self-obsessed - people who are appreciative of themselves or those who are constantly critical of themselves.

4. Waiting for validation: Challenge your dependency on others’ validation before you start appreciating yourself. When you do that, the whole world will get inspired to appreciate and validate you.

5. Self-Worth: Challenge your sense of worthiness. Let no one decide your worthiness. Be self-reliant in determining your self-worth, independent of others' opinions or your perception of others' judgment about you.

6. Self-Gratitude. Be grateful for what you have, and thank yourself. We often forget to express gratitude to ourselves.

7. Celebrate: Celebrate small achievements and know that you. are worth it. Gradually, you will have several achievements to celebrate. Each day will be full of celebration. It will become a way of life. Self Appreciation will be a definite by-product.

In conclusion, awakening self-appreciation is a transformative journey. It's about shedding your beliefs, fears, and inhibitory patterns. Do not wait for the world to appreciate you. Start celebrating all your achievements, and appreciation will be a natural outcome.

For Foundation Members: 
Participate in group chats and seek support on liberating yourself from certain restrictive beliefs.

For Classic Members: Take multi-chakra guidance to recognize some of your inhibitory beliefs and address them.

For Premium Members: Meet the mentors online and seek guidance on enhancing your self-appreciation.

Spiritual Solution Level 1 Students: Dissociate self-appreciation with stagnation and arrogance. 

Spiritual Solution Level 2 students. Redesign and write personalized statements based on muti-chakra guidance for self-appreciation and reset your mindset towards self-appreciation.

Spiritual Solution Level 3 Students: Heal Inner Children who felt unworthy of self-appreciation and associate your life purpose with self-appreciation.

Spiritual Solution Level 4 Students: Stop waiting for your loved ones to appreciate you and start appreciating yourself independently of other's appreciation of you.

Spiritual Solution Level 5 Students: Dissociate Money matters from appreciation and figure out how you could be a deserving candidate for appreciation irrespective of the amount of money you have. Dissociate Money with self-appreciation.

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