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Redikall Soul Metaplay®

Onsite Residential Workshop by Aatmn Parmar


Jan 13, 2024



Redikall Soul Metaplay® is a group healing method, where we simulate real-life drama through a diverse group of participants to observe and heal the games we are playing or inviting in our personal life. The healing happens through group recitation of Redikall Statements and Chakra knowledge of Redikall Healing.

Every drama generates interesting insights into your personal and professional life and raises your level of consciousness to make a positive difference in your life with higher wisdom.

This is a profound method of addressing ancestral influences, family curses, unknown energetic influences, an imbalance in your masculine and feminine principles, financial difficulties, relationships and professional challenges. It is purely experiential and creates a wonderful learning opportunity for each individual.


Pictures of the Venue


What is a Redikall Soul Metaplay®?

Life is a big drama and it is scripted carefully by our soul and higher consciousness for certain learning, experiences, and evolution. Most of us are in the drama without awareness of the soul-level intent and purpose. Soul Metaplay unfolds this plan and enables you to have an overview of your life as well as an effective resolution of several intriguing issues of your life.

Q: What precisely happens in the Soul Metaplay?

A: Once the facilitator, Aatmn Parmar understands your need and purpose, she invites complete strangers…

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