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You have the power to heal your pain

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Mind your mind to manage the body aches and pains. Redikall Teaches you how to do that.
Pain begins in your mind and culminates in your mind.

In today's world, it has become commonplace to immediately resort to medication or injections at the first indication of discomfort. However, some individuals have adapted to living with their pain as if it is an inherent aspect of their existence. At Redikall, we recognize that every instance of pain is a form of communication.

Have you considered that each experience of pain may be attempting to convey a message to you?

Since we have not been trained in decoding pain signals, we simply numb pain with chemicals and applications.

  • Pain in your right shoulder reminds you to let go of your past.

  • Pain in the back of the neck reminds you to hold your head high despite your past stories.

  • Pain in the temple area of the head reminds you to clear your confusion.

We can talk about almost every body part and how it communicates.

Why should you listen to the communication from your body?

Your body is extremely intelligent and knows how to work in your highest and best interest. The body is also intuitive and responds with discomfort to prevent you from damaging your life further. We have several energy channels called 'nadis' or Meridians and several energy centers called Chakras in our body

These chakras often get congested with stagnant energies when we do not think appropriately. When we change our thoughts and ease the relevant emotions, we start feeling better.

We have two kinds of pain: Functional Pain and Structural Pain. We can reverse functional pain in 5 minutes flat. When we have structural pain, we may need to practice thought management. With the appropriate Statements, we can ease our pain over some time.

Pain is unavoidable: It might be physical discomfort or emotional distress. All of us encounter pain at various points in our journey. While seeking professional medical help is essential for certain conditions, there is a remarkable capacity to alleviate and manage pain in each of us. In this article, we'll explore the empowering concept of self-healing and provide you with valuable insights and techniques to heal your pain naturally.

The Power of Self-Healing

The human body is a marvel of self-regulation and repair. Our bodies possess an innate ability to heal wounds, mend broken bones, and recover from illness. This intrinsic power extends beyond the physical realm into emotional and mental well-being. Tap into this inherent ability to alleviate pain and promote holistic wellness. Redikall Statements play a powerful role in

pain management.

Body is intelligently guiding you at every step. Listen to your body.
Every pain has a communication for you.

Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

One of the significant principles of self-healing is recognizing the profound connection between the mind and body. Our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs can impact our physical health. Stress, for instance, can exacerbate pain and lead to various health issues. Managing stress and harnessing the mind-body connection is a crucial step in self-healing.

You can naturally heal most of your pain

Since incorrect thoughts give you pain, correcting your thoughts with Affirmations and Redikall Statements can invariably ease your pain. Your pain reminds you to think well and live well. Pain is your friend. Instead of suppressing, listen to your body and take a clue to initiate a powerful transformation.


Redikall is not an alternative therapeutic system. Redikall trains you to Mind your Mind for improved quality of life. When you change the way you think, you certainly change the way you live. We recommend you remain in touch with the medical experts. At the same time, consider going within and making necessary changes in your thoughts. You can use Redikall before your scheduled appointment and help yourself. You can also use Redikall to ease your pain if the medication and therapies do not help much. The best use of Redikall would be to understand and alter your thoughts and attitude through your pain.

Healing from Within

Ultimately, self-healing is about turning inward to identify and address the root causes of pain. By embracing self-awareness, forgiveness, and self-compassion, you can initiate profound healing from within. Redikall can help you change your attitude towards yourself.

Forgive yourself

While not all but some of the pain, including that caused by accident and injury is often a kind of self-punishment, truly forgive yourself.

Believe it when you experience it

Listen to the audio and follow the self-healing steps for beginners. You may consult a Redikall practitioner or schedule a free appointment.

The Message from Pain

Every pain has a message. You can refer to the appendix section of the book Redikall Crystalline Mind to learn the pain management technique and precise messages from pain based on which part of your body is hurting. These are self-education messages for self-healing and self-transformation. You can also learn about pain in the Spiritual Solution Curriculum.

Start today

Pain doesn't have to be a perpetual burden. With the right mindset and practices, you can heal your pain naturally and achieve a healthier, more balanced life. By embracing the power of self-healing, you can unlock your potential for lasting well-being and resilience in the face of life's challenges. Start your journey toward self-healing today.

Empower yourself

Holistically take control of your pain with Redikall. Besides, do not ignore your pain. Honor your pain and implement the guidance through each pain to enhance your life. Most pain disappears when the guidance is followed.

You have the power to heal your pain This blog helps us to understand how to manage pain through self-healing techniques, emphasizing the mind-body connection and the transformative power of Redikall.

The video is in Aatmn Parmar YouTube Channel

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