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How to synchronize enjoyment with balance?

Reset Your Mindset to manifest enjoyment with balance in life,

with Redikall Multi-Chakra Insights, techniques and philosophy.

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22nd December, Friday 2023

How can you restore balance to your indulgent lifestyle?

Redikall helps you to restore enjoyment with balance.
My Redikall Affirmations

Is indulgence your idea of the good life?

There is a thin line between indulgence and enjoyment. Any pleasurable activity that keeps you away from a healthy lifestyle and productive utilization of time is an indulgence. Though most of us are aware of our limits, we cross this line and slip into an indulgent lifestyle. Some of us do so daily, and some occasionally. 

There are a few reasons why you become overindulgent and lose your balance: 

  1. Inner Rebel: When you cannot rebel against the authoritarian personality in your life, you start rebelling against your authority.

  2. Self-Sabotage: For various reasons, you choose to sabotage yourself.

  3. Inner void: You tend to fill the vacuum within with harmful indulgence. 

Whatever the nature of indulgence and your reason, Redikall Statements and techniques can help you immensely. You can learn them and practice them effectively.

If you have not yet tried, schedule a free appointment and speak to us.

It's never too late to regain balance. Ensuring that you continue in balance all the time is in your highest and best interest! Learn how to synchronize enjoyment with balance.

How to synchronize enjoyment with balance?

Chat with us to know more: 

How accomplished do you feel on a scale of 0 to 10?

  • How joyous do you feel on a scale of 0 to 10?

Here are more Redikall Statements to help you synchronize your indulgence with balance.

Recite these statements 3-7 times each to feel the difference.

I transform and transcend my tendency to need more willpower.

I transform and transcend my inner rebel.

I transform and transcend my inner void. 

I transform and transcend my self-sabotage.

I transform and transcend my temptations.

I awaken self-care.

I awaken self-love.

I awaken self-vigilance.

I awaken inner equilibrium.

Wellness with Multi-Chakra Awareness Show

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Topic: Are you your biggest self-critic?

The video is available on the Aatmn Parmar YouTube channel.

Days: Mon-Fri ( Daily)

Time:11:00 am IST

Meeting ID: 832 5713 9890

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Soul Metaplay

Retreat in Bengaluru

Onsite Residential Workshop by Aatmn Parmar

Karma Clearance

 14-day Online course

Tue, Jan 02

Karma Clearance - 14-day Online course

If you have not been able to solve your problems in conventional ways, try Spiritual Solution Online Training and Support. Solve problems with higher consciousness.

Redikall Spiritual Solution - Level 1 - Part 2 (Advanced Chakra Revival)


7 Major Chakras represent 7 phases of psycho-spiritual growth. Address each chakra systematically. Systematic work with each Chakra facilitates in-depth healing with the help of techniques learned in Part 1 of the Course.

Events to Date:

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Talk on Prosperity Consciousness

Ms. Uma Sangal

7.30 am IST

Premium Members only (Link shared in the Redikall App)


Special Learning Session

Ms. Uma Sangal

8.00 am IST

Premium Members Only (Link shared in the Redikall App)


Wellness with Awareness show

Ms. Aatmn Parmar

11.00 am IST


Redikall Soul Metaplay

Ms. Aatmn Parmar

3:30 pm

Premium Members Only (Link shared in the Redikall App)


Multi-Chakra Guidance and Affirmations

Ms. Renu Sharma

6.00 pm IST

Open to all Zoom Link


Friday Fulsome - Let's Play the game of perception

Ms. Arati Gupta

8:00 am IST

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Redikall Recitation in English

Ms. Shital Gusani

 10:00 pm IST

Premium Members Only (Link shared in the Redikall App)


Fulsome Fridays

Hello All,

Let's play the game of perception.

How does our human mind work? Do we all perceive the same things in a similar way or each one of us has a different notion of the same reality?

Join Ms. Arati Gupta to play The Game Of Perception ” an exciting and promising session ,to help you understand the rich tapestry of feelings and experiences making your life unique and meaningful.

Join Zoom Meeting at 8:00 pm IST


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