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How to overcome doubt and feel self assured?

The Redikall Principle of philosophy is a transformative approach that empowers individuals to break free from limiting beliefs and self-imposed boundaries.

At the heart of this philosophy lies the understanding that our mind holds immense power, and by harnessing this power, we can overcome self-doubt and feel more self-assured. This article delves into practical steps based on the Redikall Principle to help you embrace your inner strength.

1. Recognize the Power of Thought

According to the Redikall Principle, our thoughts are potent energy forms. Every thought we harbor creates a ripple effect in our life. By becoming conscious of our thoughts and choosing to nurture positive ones, we can pave the way for self-assuredness.

Action Step: Recognize your doubt-creating thoughts and transform them suitably to reduce their intensity and power to affect you adversely.

2. Rediscover trust and faith

As the emotional charge related to self-doubt eases, you will be able to rediscover and recognize the possibility of the dormant trust factor and deeper faith in your well-being.

Action Step: Do not resist your thoughts full of doubts. Do not entertain them either. However, it would be best to simply transform them to awaken trust and faith.

3. Ease the adverse effect of the past

Most of your self-doubt arises from the adverse effect of the perceived past failure. Some of it has been inherited across generations or from parent figures. Some, by way of education. Recognize that it impacts your tendency to remain in doubt. Systematically challenge and transform your inherited, borrowed, and acquired beliefs because they may be far from the truth. And awaken the possibility of operating from faith.

Action Step: Use Redikall Techniques to ease the adverse effects of the past. Recognize the difference between the truth and the beliefs. Seek the truth. You shall eventually discover it.

4. Reset Your Mindset

Reset Your Mindset with carefully chosen Multi-Chakra-based Affirmations to awaken self-assurance. The Affirmations can be different for different people. Redikall Facilitators or Mentors can help you design the most effective and powerful Affirmations based on Redikall insights and principles. You can learn that in Level 2 of the Curriculum.

Action Step: Until then, you can affirm a generalized Affirmation to reset your mindset: "All that happens, happens for the greater good."

5. Awaken self assurance

All you are looking for is in the dormant section of the subconscious mind. All you have to do is to awaken it. The beginning may happen with simple Redikall Statements.

Action Step: The Redikall Statements that can facilitate the awakening of the inner self-assurance are: I awaken self-assurance. I awaken the self-assured me.

Consciousness Expansion is the ultimate remedy to ease self-doubt.

6. Enhance your consciousness

As we expand our consciousness, we can envisage a greater vision and better overview of the life situation. You can see the brilliance in every design. You naturally overcome the tendency to doubt and have greater faith in yourself and in several mechanisms, relentlessly working towards goodness for all.

Action Step: Meditate regularly with your favorite technique. Redikall makes it easier to make Meditation a way of life and go beyond the need for any technique.

The light of faith and trust can disperse the clouds of doubts.
Awaken faith instead of struggling to let go of your self-doubt.

You can recognize and transform your thoughts and beliefs creating self-doubt and a constant need for assurance. You need to heal your past, effectively address your beliefs, reset your mindset, and awaken your faith and trust. Expand your consciousness and have a better overview of life for the ultimate effective solution.

For Classic Members Please refer to the Redikall Multi-Chakra cards in the mobile App to find out why you doubt yourself. Also, find out the brilliance in the self-doubt. You may also seek guidance to restore your faith and follow the guidance.

For Premium Members

Request a group recitation to ease your self-doubts if any and awaken faith and trust.

Recognize the influence of the past causing self-doubt. Address them as per the guidance of the senior mentor available in the Zoom rooms exclusively for the premium members.

For the Spiritual Solution Level 1 Students

Dissociate doubt with safety and progress. Your subconscious mind strives to keep you safe. You often entertain self-doubt to ensure that you remain safe and continue progressing.

For the Spiritual Solution Level 2 Students

Use multi-chakra insights to design the right positive affirmation and regularly recite and write as instructed in the course to reset your mind to have faith and trust trust-oriented mindset.

For the Spiritual Solution Level 3 Students

Project that part of the past that needs to be healed to overcome the tendency to doubt. Ease your karmic backlog related to the doubt and align yourself to the Karmic brilliance embedded in your tendency to doubt.

For the Spiritual Solution Level 4 Students

Ease your relationship issues generated due to self-doubt. Recognize how self-doubt is affecting your relationship and also recognize how you are manifesting certain patterns in the relationship to learn the lessons of faith and trust in yourself and others.

For the Spiritual Solution Level 5 Students Dissociate Money and prosperity from your need for the game involving self-doubt and trust issues. Let inner assurance obtain and retain prosperity.

For the Spiritual Solution Level 6 Students Open up to envisage the larger game within the game of self-doubt and decode the brilliance behind the game of doubting self and others to be a neutral observer of the game called life.

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