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Are you hesitant to be your authentic self?

You may sometimes mislead others by presenting a false image of yourself for various reasons. In certain cultures, it is common to portray a different image by wearing elaborate makeup or coloring hair, etc.

 It’s not what you do to disguise the real you, but the motivation behind these actions.

What is holding you back from letting people see the real you?

In trying to avoid something, you may end up being affected by the very thing you are trying to prevent e.g., to hide your emotional attachment (to someone who those around you may not accept), you may do everything you can to avoid rejection from the people who matter most to you. However, if they eventually find out, they may reject you or your attributes, not only for your attachment but also for not being honest with them earlier.


It takes courage to be authentic, but once you do, you experience true liberation to be yourself. You don't have to make drastic changes overnight. Be true to yourself and don't hide your emotions. Even if it's hard, being honest is better than risking rejection later. Start with small steps and notice the positive difference it makes. When you accept yourself, others will too.

Use these Statements to shift your mindset:

~I transform and transcend my fear of being authentic.

~I transform and transcend my beliefs about authenticity.

~I transform and transcend my past setbacks related to authenticity.

~I transform and transcend the cultural and social influence on my life.

~I awaken the right insights.

~I awaken the courage.

~I awaken the courage to be me.

~I awaken the courage to be the authentic me.

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