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How to awaken crystal-clear wisdom within you?

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

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Synchronize with crystal-clear wisdom with Redikall
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Do you often feel overwhelmed or caught up in things ?

We often become caught up in our personal or professional lives, as well as in the stories of others. We feel unsure and even helpless, not knowing what to do when we are entangled in these situations.

Despite our efforts to disentangle ourselves, we often become even more enmeshed. A neutral observer may be able to see the situation more clearly than those who are involved. Additionally, you can seek guidance from your higher consciousness to help disentangle yourself from the situation. Higher awareness can provide wisdom to guide you through every step, as long as you remain calm, and still, and follow your inner guidance. Learn how you can awaken crystal-clear wisdom within you.


How to synchronize with crystal-clear wisdom?

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Here are more Redikall Statements to help you awaken synchronicity with crystal-clear wisdom.

Recite these statements 3-7 times each to feel the difference.

I transform and transcend my reasons for the entanglement.

I transform and transcend the brilliance in the entanglement.

I transform and transcend the illusionary game called life.

I transform and transcend my emotional entanglement.

I transform and transcend the reasons for the emotional entanglement.

I transform and transcend my fear of social isolation.

I transform and transcend my need to belong.

I transform and transcend my attachment.

 I awaken wisdom.

 I awaken insights.

 I awaken inner guidance.

 I awaken divine intervention.

 I awaken clarity.

I awaken foresight.

I awaken an easy life.

Did the statements make a difference?

  • Yes

  • No

Awaken crystal-clear wisdom within you

Is the influence of the past impacting your present? We need not bear the unnecessary baggage of our past. We have a choice. Watch this reel available on the Aatmn Parmar YouTube channel.

Wellness with Multi-Chakra Awareness Show

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Topic : Emotional Self-Defence.

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Upcoming Redikall Events

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Freedom From The Past. Dec 17th

Sun, Dec 17 Zoom

Freedom from the Past

Join this Powerful life-transforming online course to help you heal your numerous inner children, for you to get freedom from your past. Learn how to overcome inhibitions and liberate yourself.

An intense course to help you live in the 'NOW'... to attain Freedom from Past Shame, Guilt, Hurt, Incompletions, Karmas & adverse Beliefs, and Conditioning.

Dec 17, 2023, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM


  • It is possible to live in the now if you let go of past unpleasantness.

  • It is not what happened in the past, but the emotions attached that can slow you down and make life a big burden to deal with.

  • While you cannot change what happened in the past, you can certainly change the way you look at the past and the way you redesign your future life.

  • Once you heal your adverse emotions related to your past, you can easily understand the relevance and importance of every incident and every character who played their role, with neutral detachment and greater insights.

  • If you do not wish to repeat your past, the best idea would be to complete the incompletion, get detached, be emotionally neutral, and overcome the beliefs generated by the past perception.

  • Click here to know more

Karma Clearance - 14-Day online course - Dec 11th


Upcoming Spiritual Solution Curriculum

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Redikall Spiritual Solution - Level 1 - Part 2 (Advanced Chakra Revival) 15th Dec

Redikall Spiritual Solution Level 2 ERI + Manifestation - 9th Jan 2024

Free Events

Work with your crystal-clear wisdom by learning to transform your undesirable emotions.


Are you feeling stressed? Anxious? Worried? Stuck? Whatever your negative emotional charge, you can instantly transform your state of mind in minutes. It's time! Are you ready for self-motivation? Are you ready to synchronize with trust?

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The Invisible Shields: How Our Emotional Defense Mechanisms Shape Our Behavior

In the complex world of human emotions and interactions, we often find ourselves constructing invisible walls and barriers. These are not physical defenses, but psychological ones, built subconsciously to protect our emotional well-being.

This article delves into the ways we unconsciously defend ourselves emotionally, highlighting behaviors that might be more about self-protection than they appear on the surface. So, let's delve into how these mechanisms manifest in our daily interactions, often shaping our relationships and perceptions in profound ways.


You can self-heal regularly with Redikall Tools and Channeled Statements - related to health, relationships, and finance under the guidance of a Senior Redikall Mentor appointed by the Redikall Organization. Learn how you can overcome entaglements and sychronize with the crystal clear wisdom in you.

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