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Embrace the Flow: Unsticking Your Life

Redikall Insights and Multi-Chakra Knowledge to help you embrace the flow.
Embrace the Flow: Unsticking Your Life

Hi, I'm Aatmn Parmar, your host for 'Awesome Life with Awesome Vibes.'

Increasingly, people are consulting me about feeling stuck in life. They feel they're stuck with the same salary for years, the same house, the same marriage, and the same routine. If you're feeling that way, you're not alone. Many people are in the same rut.

External Stories

There can be many reasons you can blame for feeling stuck:

  • Stuck because of responsibilities

  • Stuck because of circumstances

  • Stuck because of planetary positions

  • Stuck because of curses, past life karmas, and ancestral stories

  • Stuck because of voodoo and black magic done by others.

These external stories can occasionally feel very convincing and right. However, what happens to the story within?

Internal Reasons

Let's look at the internal reasons:

  • Reluctance to change: The subconscious mind is attached to the familiar and hates anything that is unknown. For example, a slum dweller often goes back to the slum and settles there even if they are gifted with a luxurious flat.

  • Fear of the unknown: Most people need to know what is lined up for them if they simply go with the flow. They need to know the future plan in detail so that they do not suffer later. But what about suffering in the now due to stagnation?

  • Fear of losing grip and control: You often feel a sense of control over the known circumstances. What if you lose grip over life? Hence, it is better to remain anchored rather than letting go and going with the flow.

  • Fear of being alone: What if others choose not to accompany you? Life could be lonely. Are you willing to risk it? What if better relationships and soul buddies are waiting for you?

  • Fear of regret and guilt in the future: What if you regret leaving behind the known and familiar?

  • Possibility of no return: What if you cannot return to your position once again? What if things change and you no longer find your position back later? These are the concerns behind your reluctance to move.

Embracing the Flow

It is quite easy to say 'go with the flow.' The truth is, most people are attached to the known and familiar and would not like to risk that and trade it for something unknown. However, when they do, it gets quite easy and safe for them. Not only safe, but extremely helpful for their overall growth in life.

Steps to Follow

So, what are the steps to follow?

  • Follow your inspiration: Most people wait for the universe to push them out of their cozy nest before they move. However, you can move with inspiration and inner knowing that the time is right for you to fly and explore the world around.

  • Courage: Know that you are enough. You are safe, and you are taken care of always.

  • Detachment with awareness: The only constant is the process of change. Things are going to change, and will change. Accept the change with grace.

  • Openness to various experiences: People, places, and possibilities cannot be your problem. Your reaction to them, your reluctance to accept them can be your problem. Your present scenario was unknown to you in the past. However, you managed to settle well with that. The time will come when you will accept and embrace it all. If you are open to accept and embrace life with all

Let go to Flow

Embracing the flow is about letting go of fears and stepping into the unknown with trust and courage. The key is to recognize that life is ever-changing, and resisting this change only leads to stagnation. By following your inspiration, cultivating courage, and maintaining openness, you can unstick your life and move forward with grace.

Remember, the journey to a fulfilling life begins with a single step into the flow.

Embrace the Flow: Unsticking Your Life

This blog helps you to understand that by embracing change and moving with the flow, you can break free from stagnation and enhance your personal growth.


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