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How to Make Life Easy, Effortless, and Fun.

Redikall Insights and Multi-Chakra Knowledge to make life easy, effortless and fun
How to Make Life Easy, Effortless, and Fun

Welcome to another blog post inspired by "Awesome Life with Awesome Vibes."

I'm Aatmn Parmar, and today I want to share how you can make your life easy, effortless, and a lot of fun. This might sound absurd because the prevalent belief is that you have to work hard, struggle, and put in a lot of effort to be somebody so that one day life becomes easy. However, I invite you to make your journey toward success easy, effortless, and fun.

A Lesson from Vinod

Vinod lived with his mom and dad in a small town and watched a building being constructed. He was constantly told by neighbors, uncles, parents, and teachers that you have to work hard to succeed . Observing the laborers putting bricks under the hot sun, Vinod thought they must be successful because of their hard work. But his dad corrected him, saying that in terms of money, the supervisor earns much more than the laborers.

Vinod was confused and asked if the supervisor was the most successful person in the project. His dad replied that the contractor, who employs the supervisor, earns even more. But Vinod rarely saw the contractor or the supervisor working hard.

Vinod then asked about the builder, who hired the contractor and architect. His dad explained that the builder was hired by an industrialist who had invested money into the project. The industrialist rarely visited the site but earned the most from the project.

This conversation made Vinod question the belief that hard work alone leads to success.

If the people working the hardest earn the least, while those hardly working earn the most, then what does it mean to work hard?

Effortless Growth in Nature

Most things in life happen effortlessly. Consider a baby growing in the womb, milk filling a mother's breast, rivers flowing, clouds moving, planets rotating, and trees growing. These natural processes unfold without any struggle.

When you believe you must work extremely hard, you might be going against the natural flow. But if you learn to recognize and align with the flow of life, it becomes easy, effortless, and joyful.

Challenge Old Beliefs

Our ancestors lived strenuous lives, walking miles and fetching water from wells. But times have changed, and so should our beliefs. We can lead a more sophisticated life if we align our thoughts and beliefs with the natural rhythm of life.

My Mantra: Life is Easy, Effortless, and Fun

When I encounter struggle, I either drop the project or pause to check for resistance. It may seem like hard work, but contribution happens through me, not by me, because I position myself correctly in the flow.

The Power of Going with the Flow

If you must pray, pray to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. The rest will unfold naturally. That's the power of going with the flow, almost effortlessly.

Work smart, not hard. Align with your life's purpose and plan.

When you meditate and clear your mind with Redikall Statements, you can align with your inner GPS and understand where the flow of life is taking you. When you start moving in the direction where life is already taking you, you will be able to enjoy success with ease and grace. Life truly can become easy, effortless, and fun.

Affirmations to Align with the Flow of Life

Here are a few Affirmations you can recite to declutter your subconscious mind and connect with your inner GPS:

  • I purify my restrictive and limited beliefs.

  • I purify my need to struggle.

  • I purify my need to be aware of my life plan and life purpose.

  • I awaken my inner awareness.

  • I synchronize with my life plan and life purpose.

Enjoy life!

Life is meant to be enjoyed, not struggled through. By aligning with the natural flow and letting go of outdated beliefs, you can make your life easy, effortless, and a lot of fun. Stay tuned and keep spreading awesome vibes to manifest an Awesome Life with Redikall Multi-Chakra insights.

Thank you for reading, and remember, life is easy, life is effortless, and life is a lot of fun!

How to Make Life Easy, Effortless, and Fun

This blog helps in making your journey toward success easy, effortless, and fun by aligning with the natural flow of life and challenging old beliefs.


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