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Anxiety to Serenity with 5 Redikall Statements

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Rahul was well prepared for the exam. However, a few minutes before the examiner handed over the question paper, he thought, ‘What if I do not do well in the exam? A series of adverse possibilities gripped his attention and by the time he got the question paper, he was perspiring as if he had already failed.

Had he known a quick way of bouncing back to his best in seconds, would he have allowed his anxiety to undermine his examination performance?

Sweetie was very confident before her speech at an event in her college. However, the speaker before her, fumbled and invited a riot of humor and sarcastic shouts from the audience. This left Sweetie completely nervous. She just wanted to run away and escape. The bout of self-doubt and severe anxiety took control of her mind, and she ran towards the green room instead of going on stage.

It would have been so nice if she knew about anxiety management on the spot.

John always felt afraid before checking the stock market update.

What if his net asset dipped?

Fatima, constantly worried about her children’s health and her mother always worried about her crippling disease…

Anxiety can shake you up and make you feel miserable much before the dreaded event can even happen. The sheer dread of anticipating the terrible time is more dreadful than the terrible times.

Does anxiety have a crippling effect on your life?

Does it stop you from doing your best?

Does anxiety rob you of your daily happiness?

Do you live in a state of perpetual anxiety and fear?

It's time to let go of your anxious thoughts and feelings and learn a healthier coping mechanism to deal with everyday life stresses.

The good news is that you can easily Manage your Anxiety with a few Redikall Statements!

Redikall can help you experience a state of Serenity that can be amazingly life-transforming. Let us first recite them and experience the difference.

Remember, Anxiety is an emotion and emotions are eventually a powerful energy. Since the energy cannot be destroyed, you better transform and transcend your emotion of anxiety. Soul’s Love which is the purest and the most powerful solvent for all negative emotions can be a great catalyst in the process of transformation.

Assess the level of anxiety on a scale of 0 to 10 and recite the following Statements

7-21 times silently in your mind.

With Soul's Love, I transform and transcend my anxiety.
With Soul's Love, I transform and transcend my need for anxiety.
With Soul's Love, I transform and transcend the reasons for my anxiety.
With Soul's Love, I transform and transcend my resistance to let go of my anxiety.
With Soul's Love, I transform and transcend the brilliance in my anxiety.

Re-assess the level of Anxiety once again. You can repeat the Statements, as and when needed.

To reduce the recurrence of anxiety, you may need deeper inner work with Redikall.

Begin by opting for one or all of the following options:

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