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Whether then, now or later, feeling safe and secure is paramount to our well-being. Feeling safe and secure is a fundamental human need. It allows us to relax, thrive, and build meaningful connections. It could be our personal safety, emotional security, or financial stability, these needs are interconnected and influence our life in many ways.

 But in today's world, with constant news updates and worries, achieving that sense of security can feel challenging. Hence inner security becomes the most important security. If deep within you feel very insecure about your relationships, wealth, career or health, you will manifest all that you are fearful of.  

Inner security is about building a strong inner foundation. This feeling of inner safety allows you to navigate life's uncertainties with faith, confidence and peace. Once your subconscious mind feels safe & secure, it also has the power of manifesting safety & security for your physical world. Deep within when you feel safe & secure, your insecurity about relationships will turn into trust in your partner or people in your life. You will know your self-worth & invite financial security worthy of you. The graph of your career can see an upward growth. Sounds like a story from the grandmother’s book? Ask people who have experienced 360 degree shifts in their lives. The testimonial division of has them all. You can also join as a Premium Member and listen to the experiences of positive shifts in their lives, where safety & security has become their companion and bring in that Inner Safety & Security in your life too

To begin with, if you are still new to Redikall, recite these statements 3/7/21 times to feel the instant calmness within. 

With Redikall Consciousness I Purify my fears

With Redikall Consciousness I Purify my shaky grounds

With Redikall Consciousness I Purify my instability

With Redikall Consciousness I Transform & Transcend my need to feel safe & secure

With Redikall Consciousness I  Transform & Transcend my doubts about my capability to have safety & security

With Redikall Consciousness I  Transform & Transcend my anxiety

With Redikall Consciousness I awaken inner security

With Redikall Consciousness I awaken deep sense of safety

With Redikall Consciousness I awaken my secure life

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