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Don't be caught off guard! Staying vigilant can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving. In today's fast-paced world, complacency can be a costly mistake. Whether you're running a business, managing a household, or simply navigating life's everyday challenges, vigilance is your secret weapon. It's the constant awareness and preparedness that empowers you to solve problems, seize opportunities, and safeguard what matters most. 

Why Vigilance Matters??

Well, vigilance allows you to spot potential issues before they snowball. By staying alert to warning signs and red flags, you can take preventive measures, saving time, resources, and frustration. It helps you to equip yourself in Proactive Problem Solving. 

A watchful eye is always your best defense. Being vigilant about your surroundings, the peo0ple in your life, your finances, career etc, helps you to connect to your creativity and come up with amazing solutions to your problems. 

Vigilance keeps you informed. By actively gathering and analyzing information, you can make well-considered choices that align with your goals and values.

Success often favors the prepared. A vigilant mindset allows you to identify and capitalize on fleeting opportunities that might otherwise slip through the cracks.

The Good News : You can Master the Art of Vigilance. Using the following suggestions can help you greatly. 

Developing a Keen Eye: Train yourself to observe details and identify inconsistencies. Question the status quo and be mindful of potential risks.

Embrace Continuous Learning: The world is constantly evolving. Refine your skills and knowledge to stay ahead of the curve.

Establish Routines: Create a system for monitoring your surroundings, finances, and online activity. Regular check-ins can prevent unpleasant surprises.

Most Importantly - Trust Your Gut: Intuition plays a vital role. Redikall guidance helps you in opening up to trust your gut feeling. You will learn to recognize and act upon those nagging feelings that something isn't quite right or inspiration to do the right thing.  

Know that being vigilant doesn’t mean not having faith or trust. Vigilance gives you an upper hand to know whom, when, what to trust intuitively. 

Use the following Redikall Statements to hone your skills to stay vigilant & get the most of your life.

With Redikall consciousness I purify my feeling of being used

With Redikall consciousness I purify my failures

With Redikall consciousness I purify succumbing to the external pressure

With Redikall consciousness I transform & transcend my need to be aware

With Redikall consciousness I transform & transcend my careless attitude

With Redikall consciousness I transform & transcend my inability to understand my intuitive signals

With Redikall consciousness I awaken my intuitiveness

With Redikall consciousness I awaken my Faith

With Redikall consciousness I awaken my vigilance

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