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What Drives you Away from feeling Nurtured:

Mina had always associated nurturing with unpleasant memories. Growing up, her mother often used nurturing as a way to control her, showering her with affection only to demand something in return. Her experiences conditioned her to feel that she was not nurtured. There was a deep reluctance to nurture herself or others, fearing it would lead to manipulation or obligation.  What Mina didn’t know was that she is naturally being nurtured by the Universe, like air, water, sunshine, breath, body organs and more. 


At work, Mina avoided team-building activities, rarely offering to help her colleagues, keeping aloof to avoid emotional entanglements. Her friends noticed her distance, but she always brushed off their, insisting she was fine. Inside, she felt a growing emptiness, a disconnect that left her feeling isolated and dejected.


Baby Steps Forward:

One rainy evening, Mina stumbled upon an old journal while cleaning her apartment. Flipping through the pages, she found entries from her teenage years, filled with dreams and hopes she had long forgotten. The words struck a chord, awakening a part of her that longed for connection and care.


Determined to change, Mina started small. She bought a plant, something she could nurture without fear. At first, it felt strange, but as she watched it grow, she felt a spark of joy. That was the metaphor which worked for her. Encouraged, she began to extend this nurturing to herself. She set aside time for activities she loved, like painting and reading, and gradually, the walls she had built began to crumble.


At work, Mina took a leap and joined a mentorship program, sharing her experiences and learning from others. To her surprise, she found fulfilment in helping her colleagues grow. Her friendships deepened as she allowed herself to be vulnerable, accepting and offering support without fear of reciprocity.


One morning, as she tended to her now-blooming garden, Mina realized she had transformed. By nurturing herself, she had discovered a wellspring of strength and compassion within. Her reluctance had given way to a new understanding: nurturing was not about obligation but about fostering growth and love, starting with herself. Mina understood now, why her mother had been the way she was, with her. 

Mina inspired those around her, showing that true nurturing begins from within. She became a mentor for others.


Our Emotional Barriers:

What does this story teach us?  That it is within us to drop our beliefs, conditionings, inhibitions and fears related to past experiences.  What are the emotional barriers and how can we overcome them? When you are un-nurtured, it can evoke a range of negative emotions and feelings. Such as:

  • Loneliness:

  • Feeling isolated and disconnected from others, as if you are facing challenges alone.

  • Insecurity:

  • Doubting your worth and abilities, often questioning your value in relationships and environments.

  • Sadness:

  • A pervasive sense of unhappiness and melancholy, often stemming from unmet emotional needs.

  • Anxiety:

  • Experiencing heightened worry and stress due to a lack of emotional support and reassurance.

  • Rejection:

  • Feeling unwanted or unloved, as if your presence and needs are not acknowledged or valued.

  • Frustration:

  • A sense of irritation and helplessness, often resulting from unmet expectations for care and support.

  • Low Self-Esteem:

  • Struggling with negative self-perception and a diminished sense of self-worth.

  • Bitterness:

  • Harbouring resentment and anger towards those who fail to provide the nurturing you need.

  • Hopelessness:

  • A sense of despair and pessimism about the possibility of receiving care and support in the future.

  • Emotional Exhaustion:

  • Feeling drained and depleted due to the constant effort of managing emotions without adequate nurturing and support.

Affirmations to Heal :

You can accept and embrace all that is brought into your total awareness with energised Redikall statements which will help you align your inner Self to the thought that you are Nurtured and Fulfilled, and can nurture yourself and others seamlessly and effortlessly.  Once this thought gets embedded, it creates its own neuro-pathway to the brain and thereby brings about a shift in our feelings.  


Recite the following statements to align to give yourself permission to be nurtured.


§  With Redikall Consciousness I accept and embrace my Insecurity

§  With Redikall Consciousness I accept and embrace my Sadness

§  With Redikall Consciousness I accept and embrace my Anxiety

§  With Redikall Consciousness I accept and embrace my Rejection

§  With Redikall Consciousness I accept and embrace my Frustration

§  With Redikall Consciousness I accept and embrace my Low Self-Esteem

§  With Redikall Consciousness I accept and embrace my Bitterness

§  With Redikall Consciousness I accept and embrace my Hopelessness

§  With Redikall Consciousness I accept and embrace my Emotional Exhaustion


o   I awaken Nurturance for myself and others

o   I awaken the Nurtured Me

o   I awaken Fulfilment for myself and others

o   I awaken the Fulfilled Me


I passionately progress by nurturing myself and others

I peacefully progress by nurturing myself and others

Sowmya Rangarajan
Laila Ahmed

Beautiful reminder to revisit our locked up and forgotten dreams!

Thank you 🙏🏻💗



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