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When we let go of the rope we are holding, then the rope can slide down the pulley, reach the water level in the well and it can get filled. This we all know of course!! To get what we wish for, we need to let go of what we are holding is the clear message from the basic well - pot - water metaphor. 

Yet, people have difficulty in letting go of the relationships that are not working, let go of the career where there is no growth further, let go of financial worries knowing fully well that their worries attract more worries. Why can't people let go? What stops them from letting go and letting the wishful one flow? 

The answer lies in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious works through familiarity. If you have seen your parents being rigid in letting go, then you unconsciously may pick up that trait and start holding on, even though consciously wonder, why am I holding on? Many struggle with the need to control every aspect of their lives,& hence can’t let go because of unknown insecurities. 

Letting go and letting flow is a powerful practice that cultivates inner peace and allows life to unfold with greater ease.  It's not about surrendering to chaos, but rather releasing the need to force things and having faith in the natural rhythm of life. In fact, the key to a calmer, happier life is learning to let go and let flow. 

Today, learn to Let Go & Let Flow with the super simpler, magical Redikall Way, 

With Redikall Consciousness I Purify my insecurities

With Redikall Consciousness I Purify my feeling of not being nurtured

With Redikall Consciousness I Purify my timidness

With Redikall Consciousness I Transform & Transcend my need to prove my worthiness

With Redikall Consciousness I  Transform & Transcend my constant habit of worrying

With Redikall Consciousness I  Transform & Transcend my resistance to have faith

With Redikall Consciousness I  awaken Grace

With Redikall Consciousness I  awaken Faith

With Redikall Consciousness I awaken the alignment with the easy flow of life


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