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Hello! This is Money Speaking authored by Aatmn Parmar, Founder & Channel of Redikall is presented as a unique book filled with profound insights and wisdom to transform your life. It encourages readers to change their thinking patterns to achieve personal transformation. The book is designed to be read in any order, allowing readers to find messages relevant to their current questions or challenges. By contemplating these messages, readers can align with the essence of money, enhancing their spiritual awareness and relationship with it. The book positions itself as a tool for gaining a deeper understanding of money consciousness, promising transformative shifts in managing financial aspects of life.
  • Hello! This is Money Speaking

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    Are you sure you chose this book? 


    Aha! Think again…


    It’s me - I’ve chosen to give you these messages. You are the chosen one to receive this precious gift! 


    This is not any ordinary book. My messages are loaded with invaluable Gyan for you. There are profound insights and wisdom to transform your life and change the way you live by changing the way you think. You do not need to read the book from beginning to end. If you are listening to the Audiobook or reading the eBook, open any chapter and get the most relevant message for you. Simply flip through the pages, keeping your question in mind. You will find your attention is drawn to that part which has your answer, the solution and the direction. Read a page, paragraph, line or just one word. If you feel you would like more clarity, randomly open up another page. If you find that you are receiving the same message repeatedly, you may not have got the essence right. Re-read the message carefully and go beyond the words to get the true essence. The wisdom meant for you will fly to you through the specific text to penetrate your subconscious mind and bring a transformative shift in the way you manage me. You will be guided to the specific nugget of Gyan, meant for you for the moment. 


    Contemplate and enhance your awareness. You can do this daily until you fully align with me energetically. You will find more information on 

    I can be your ladder to the highest spiritual awareness if you make the best out of the brilliance that I offer you.


    Blessings from Money Consciousness


    P.S. I have something to tell you right now. Open the book and get your message right away.

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      Rated 5 out of 5 stars.
      Based on 4 reviews
      4 reviews
    • J Sampat Jan 19
      Rated 5 out of 5 stars.
      Beautiful book

      Beautiful book

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      Team Aatmn
      Jan 19