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Transform Your Sleep: Redikall Solutions for Insomnia and Beyond

13th March, Wednesday

Redikall Solutions helps you overcome Insomnia
Synchronicity with Refreshing Sleep

A calm mind, restful soul, deep sleep - the foundation of a vibrant life.

Rest Easy: Tips to Solve Your Sleep Problems with Redikall

Unlock the secrets to better sleep and rejuvenation with Redikall

At iSolveLife, we understand the importance of quality rest in optimizing your well-being. Our insights delve into the intricate dynamics of sleep, offering holistic solutions to common sleep disturbances such as insomnia. Transform Your Sleep: Redikall Solutions for Insomnia and Beyond

Understanding Insomnia: Causes and Solutions

Insomnia is a prevalent sleep disorder that affects millions worldwide. Factors such as stress, irregular work schedules, underlying health conditions, caffeine intake, and medication usage can disrupt your sleep patterns. When people cannot sleep well despite medication and lifestyle improvement, Redikall often solves sleep challenges by addressing the very root cause of insomnia. At iSolveLife, we address these root causes through innovative techniques like Redikall Statements and Guided Meditation with Recitation.

Enhance Your Sleep Habits with Redikall Techniques

Establish a soothing bedtime routine to minimize exposure to stimulating stimuli before sleep: Our expert guidance ensures you create the perfect environment for restorative rest. Redikall Statements and Guided Meditation with Recitation, serve as a complementary resource, offering excellent support to your existing sleep efforts. Continue reading further to know more about them.

Emotional Reasons for Insomnia and other sleep disorders

Apart from medication, incorrect lifestyle, and environmental factors, the commonest reason for sleep disturbances is your unresolved emotions.

Redikall offers an excellent solution to transform your unrestful emotions on your own. You can learn through a private one-on-one session, group sessions or an online course. Then, practice on your own later during the day and specially at bedtime. It is very to let go, relax and sleep better with the help of Redikall Statements. You can recite on your own or listen to the Meditation.

Here is our recommendation. Listen to the audio and feel the difference in the quality of your sleep tonight:

Ease your Energetic Contaminants

Thoughts are powerful energies. At times, unhealthy and unhelpful thoughts often contaminate your aura and create difficulties in sleeping. It is best that you do the Aura Detox Meditation once a week to regularly cleanse your aura of any energetic impurities, which might be preventing good sleep.

Here is our recommendation:

Need for Deep Relaxation

Most people look forward to a deep sleep so that they can relax. We recommend that you begin with deep relaxation so that you can sleep very well. Here is a magical Guided meditation with Recitation for deep relaxation. You can listen to it daily before bedtime for 2-3 weeks and slowly make it a habit to relax your body before you go to sleep.

Address your deep seated emotions

You may address your deepest and darkest emotions so that you feel deeply at peace with yourself and with your past. It is important to be at peace for you to sleep well. Unrest begins in the mind before you experience it in your life. Make sure you are at peace with yourself, your relationships, your circumstances and your past. For that, it is important to be in integrity with your soul and soul-level commitments.

Here is a live case study, recorded in an open session to give you an idea of how to recognize your deep and suppressed feelings and resolve them effectively using Redikall Statements and techniques:

In this insightful video, we delve deep into the connection between insomnia and soul-level guilt. It unravels the layers of how unresolved guilt can significantly impact our sleep quality and overall well-being.

Through a detailed session, we explore the intricate relationship between insomnia and spiritual guilt, offering viewers a unique perspective on addressing sleep issues from a holistic standpoint. This video serves as an eye-opener for those struggling with sleep disturbances, inviting you to explore the depths of your consciousness and uncover potential soul-level commitments that may be influencing your ability to rest peacefully. The video is on the Aatmn Parmar YouTube Channel :

Redikall rekindles the spirit of refreshing sleep.
My Redikall Affirmations

Transform Your Sleep: Redikall Solutions for Insomnia and Beyond

Here are Redikall Transformative Statements to help you Synchronize with Refreshing Sleep.

Recite them 7 times:

I transform and transcend my difficulty in falling asleep.

I transform and transcend my difficulty in waking up.

I transform and transcend my belief that it’s selfish to nurture myself. 

I transform and transcend my disturbed sleep.

I awaken restful sleep.

I awaken healthy sleeping habits.

I synchronize with refreshing and fulfilling sleep.

Learn Redikall techniques, principles and multi-chakra insights

Experience deeper, more fulfilling sleep with Redikall techniques recommended by iSolveLife. Dive into our video content to discover how Redikall Statements can address subconscious barriers to sleep, promoting self-transformation and inner harmony.

For personalized guidance, explore our Redikall Spiritual Solution Curriculum or schedule a session with our experts.

Revitalize Your Mind, Body, and Soul with iSolveLife

iSolveLife advocates the following steps for better sleep, (over and above your existing medication and lifestyle changes as recommended by experts):

  1. Emotional Detox Meditation in the morning or evenings for 7 days

  2. Aura Detox Meditation at bedtime for 3 consecutive nights.

  3. Body Detox Meditation from 4th night onwards.

  4. Resolve your past with Redikall Statements (you can learn through a session, courses and curriculum)

  5. Gratitude and completion journaling: Write Daily - Gratitude statements for 5 experiences you have been gifted with. Write Daily - 5 things you were happy to complete and accomplish.

  6. Mindfulness with Redikall during the day and before sleep. Meditation and mindfulness is not just a technique but a way of life. You can remain in a meditative and deeply relaxed space while being a super achiever and an accomplished person. Redikall teaches you how to integrate the material and spiritual world.

Your journey to better sleep can begin with iSolveLife.

Embrace the 'sleep' mode to connect with your inner self and tap into the collective consciousness. Treat yourself to the gift of rejuvenating sleep - it's not just a luxury but a fundamental aspect of self-care.

You can simply initiate a chat with us to know more or speak to our counsellor on +919820241639 to know more.

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