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Synchronize with Integration

Thursday, 28th March, 2024

Redikall helps you to overcome traumas and synchronize with integration
Synchronize with Integration

Heal Trauma and Reclaim Your Life with integration

Millions of people struggle with the effects of past trauma.

Traumatic experiences can be devastating and can leave lasting scars, impacting everything from your relationships to your mental, and physical health, careers, and money.

With severe trauma, people begin to question their reason to live, enjoy life, and/or the purpose of life. They reject parts of themselves that witnessed or experienced trauma, feeling those parts are incapable, causing them to dissociate from their main personality.

For therapeutic purposes, we call those rejected or disintegrated parts Inner Child/Children. With every disturbing or unpleasant experience, many inner children are created. The more inner children, the more disintegration & more despair & lost feeling.

Reading this itself may feel so overwhelming & even scary. However, there is hope: The easy and simple Redikall way to integrate all your inner children and be whole & complete again.  

Let's understand

The Traumatic experience: Understanding when, where, how, or by whom can give you an upper hand in healing yourself.

  1. Common types of trauma (PTSD, emotional neglect, childhood trauma)

  2. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of trauma in your life

Taking Charge of Your Healing Journey: Taking ownership of your experiences of trauma empowers you & helps you deal with it after understanding the brilliance in those experiences. 

Finding Strength and Moving Forward: Use the many paths leading to healing and explore various approaches to trauma recovery. E.g.: Self-care techniques, building a support system, and many healing modalities & therapies through Redikall as mentioned earlier. 

Ready to break free from your past and create a brighter future? Explore our resources on trauma healing, on for personalized guidance. You deserve to heal and thrive.

Redikall statements will help you transcend this disintegration and synchronize with integration.

Redikall helps in overcoming the traumas and awakening and synchronizing with integration
My Redikall Affirmations

Synchronize with Integration

Here are Redikall Transformative Statements to help you shift your mindset.

Recite them 7 times:

I transform and transcend my scattered feeling.

I transform and transcend feeling broken.

I transform and transcend my incompleteness.

I transform and transcend my lost feeling.

I transform and transcend my ungrounding.

I awaken wholeness.

I awaken completeness.

I awaken the authentic & whole me.

I awaken myself.

I synchronize with wholeness. 

I synchronize with completeness.

I synchronize with the authentic & whole me.

I synchronize with myself & all that Is. 

Synchronize with Integration.

This blog will help you get in touch with the integrated you.

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