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Meet The Team-Shazia Sheikh

Redikall Team
Shazia Sheikh

Relationship Manager

Shazia, our invaluable team member, joined Redikall in 2015 and has grown seamlessly bringing ease and grace to our daily operations. Her role extends far beyond office tasks, as she dedicates herself to making work effortless for everyone. From scheduling appointments to providing technical support, Shazia ensures a smooth experience for our team and students.

A single mother, Shazia effortlessly balances her responsibilities at home and in the office. In the fast-paced environment, she stands out for her adept multitasking skills. The resonance of "Shazia, Shazia, Shazia" in the office is a testament to her impactful presence.

Known for her love, care, and cheerful demeanor, Shazia embodies a proactive and positive spirit. Her eagerness to learn and implement new things reflects her commitment to personal and professional growth. Shazia goes above and beyond, extending her support to anyone in need, whether it's securing a healing slot, solving student issues, addressing technical glitches, or ensuring the smooth flow of day-to-day activities.

She plays a crucial role in assisting the core team, managing schedules, and standing up for the well-being of everyone in the office. Shazia is the linchpin that keeps everything flowing seamlessly at Redikall, creating an atmosphere of support and efficiency.

Contact Details :

Meet The Team-Shazia Sheikh

Mobile: 9833402657

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