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Meet The Team - Puja Soni

Updated: Apr 16

Redikall helps in rekindling the team spirit .
Puja Soni, Team Redikall

Meet Puja Soni, Project Coordinator, Team Redikall

A dynamic individual, Puja wears many hats - a devoted mother to three daughters, a director in her family business based in Vadodara, and a passionate artist with a flair for both singing and painting. Her journey of self-discovery took her across continents as a Rotary Exchange student in the USA, where she cultivated a deep appreciation for cultural diversity. Fueling her creative spirit, Pooja pursued a Diploma in Interior Designing and Decoration, which now complements her talent in designing captivating posters and reels for Redikall on Instagram.

A gifted artist, she finds solace in painting and singing which helps her in her spiritual pursuits and connecting with intricacies of life with ease .

Puja's association with Redikall began during a period of personal upheaval, where its transformative principles became her guiding light, nurturing her back to a place of inner peace and resilience. As she embraced Redikall as a way of life, she witnessed its profound impact not only on herself but also on her daughters, whose journey towards healing reaffirmed her belief in its efficacy.

Today, Puja stands as a testament to the power of Redikall, advocating for its ability to transcend adversity and cultivate a life of ease and fulfillment. Her compassionate and empathetic nature helps her to connect with the healer in her. Grateful for the transformation it has brought into her life, she continues to inspire others to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and growth.

Meet The Team - Puja Soni

Contact details:

WhatsApp : 6355619796

Insta : puja_soni4

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