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Aatmn's Diary

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Aatmn's Diary

Today, something amazing happened.

I was at a peaceful place called Zorba the Buddha.  I observed a woman about my age, participating in the Awakening Retreat.

She was doing the Awakening Walk technique and got in touch with a childhood memory.

She shared how, as a little girl, her dad had to move to another country for work.

He said it was to make more money for the family. Because of this, she grew up believing that money causes families to fall apart. This belief put a lot of strain on

her relationships with family and friends.

But today, she learned something big.

She realized that it wasn't Money that was causing all the problems. It was what she had believed about money all this time.

With a bit of healing and understanding, she feels she can now fix her strained relationships and stop any more problems before they start.

Realizing this made her feel free and super happy. It was like a lightbulb went off in her head.

And you know what? It got me thinking about the things I believe that might not be helping me. She showed me that understanding and a little bit of self-work can change things!

I guess what I learned today is that sometimes, we don't see how our thoughts get in the way. And by simply changing how we think, we can fix so many things in our lives. Awareness is like a magic healer.

I suggested Affirmations similar to the following ones...

I purify my beliefs about Money.

I awaken the truth about Money.

I synchronize with the truth about Money.

This is a page from my Diary...

I had similar money blocks and gradually I found my way out of these erroneous beliefs.

I'm sharing this page with you to generate awareness about Money.

So you can heal yourself and open up to the beautiful resource called money.

If you have a similar belief or a similar story in your life, please share it in the comment section.

This will help readers.

Share (Aatmn's Diary )this story with friends and family members...

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