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Karma Clearance Program- Part 1

  • 30Days
  • 14Steps
  • 258Participants


Most people suffer from a particular pattern or a particular set of problems in life. When the problem get over, they have another problem waiting for them! Life becomes a series of never-ending problems and patterns. It gets difficult to break free from. This happens because people try and solve their problems from the same level of consciousness. Or they seek external assistance to solve their problems with no awareness of their brilliant capacity to rise beyond the need for problems. The Redikall Curriculum systematically assists you in accessing your core strength and inherent potential to effectively address your problems, challenges, issues, and patterns. You use them as a stepping stone instead of getting rid of them. You could be having problems in one or several aspects of life e.g. 1. Finances and career 2. Emotional or physical pains or ill health 3. Relationship issues 4. Prestige issues 5. The feeling of being stuck in life or career 6. Confusion or conflict 7. Spiritual quest


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