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Beat Your Anxiety and Stress with Redikall

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Anxiety is the result of non-acceptance of one of the possibilities which you are unwilling to accept. When you think about adversities you are trying to resist, you continue energizing the possibilities and you often manifest them, proving yourself right. Anxiety can become a way of life as you live a high-strung life and leave very little margin for slightest unfavorable outcome. The more is the need for the desired outcome, the more is the possibility of anxiety as the outcome is not necessarily within your control all the time. You never know what factors can turn adverse for you, and when. You could be having anxiety related to your ● Material world ● Moods, sexual and sensual life ● Personal power, position and control over areas of life ● Relationships ●Recognition, name and fame ● Projects and plans ● Spiritual connectivity Anxiety can affect your digestion and other parameters. causing acidity, headache, blood pressure, blood sugar fluctuation, weight gain, weight loss, breathing abnormalities, insomnia, excessive dreams and repeated infections. The response can be different for different people. How about addressing the anxiety with Soul’s Love? Some of the Statements will assist you in instantly feeling reassured. For long-standing and chronic anxiety, you may have to practice more. For a stubborn pattern of anxiety, you may have to trace the deeper core with other Redikall techniques.


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