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The Redikall Recipe for synchronizing with a free-flowing lifestyle

Reset Your Mindset to synchronize with the freedom to breathe freely

Redikall helps in synchronizing with free-flowing life style.
My Redikall Affirmations

Apart from health reasons, there can be various reasons why an individual cannot breathe freely. Most of these reasons stem from subconscious negative perceptions of the external situation. People can feel suffocated and trapped in relationships, work situations, or certain places where they do not feel comfortable and often perceive a type of barrier around them that impedes their ability to breathe freely.


These sensations are often subjective and may not necessarily correspond to external reality. However, it is crucial to change either the perception or the circumstances so one can experience the freedom to breathe freely.

Redikall Statements to synchronize with a free-flowing lifestyle. Let's begin with the following Statements that will help you feel liberated.

Recite them 3-7 times.

| transform and transcend my freedom to breathe.

I transform and transcend my need to breathe freely.

I transform and transcend my need for freedom to live my life my way.

I transform and transcend my need for extra pressure and demands.

I synchronize with breathing freely.

I synchronize with an effortless life.

I synchronize with liberation.

Let us know some of your favorite statements.

We look forward to reading your comments.

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