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Stay Protected :Synchronize with Natural Safety

23rd Feb, Friday

Redikall helps you synchronize with natural safety
Synchronize with natural safety and give up your defenses

Fear and uncertainty can make us question our safety and well-being. It feels at times like the world is throwing curveballs. But amidst the chaos, it's important to remember that you are protected. 

Here are 3 simple things that will make you reconsider how protected you are: 

  1. Your Intuition: It's often your intuition, a powerful guide, pointing you towards safety and growth. Trust your inner voice, it knows more than you think.

  2. Unexpected Support: Life can send help when we need it most. Pay attention to the kindness of strangers, supportive loved ones, or unexpected opportunities that arise. These could be signs of a protective force at play.

  3. Overcoming the Past: Remember times you faced challenges and emerged stronger? That inner strength is still within you. Reflect on past victories to remind yourself of your resilience and ability to overcome obstacles.

Enhance the Faith in Your Protection

  • Practice Gratitude: Focusing on what you're grateful for shifts your perspective and opens you to the abundance of good surrounding you.

  • Affirmations: Repeating Redikall Statements & Affirmations can gradually rewire your brain and build inner trust.

  • Mindfulness: Ground yourself with the present moment through meditation. Redikall Powerful statements can calm anxiety and remind you of your inner strength.

  • Seek Support: Talking to Redikall Facilitators & Mentors can provide valuable insights and help you navigate difficult emotions. For constant support join the Premium Membership and get support on an ongoing basis.

Synchronize with natural safety with Redikall
My Redikall Affirmations

Stay Protected :Synchronize with Natural Safety

Here are some more Redikall Statements to help you synchronize with protection. 

Recite them 7 times:

I transform and transcend my vulnerability.

I transform and transcend my feeling of being targeted. 

I transform and transcend the intimidation.

I transform and transcend my susceptibility.

I transform and transcend feeling unsafe.

I awaken security.

I awaken the divine armor.

I awaken safety.

I awaken the oneness.

I synchronize with safety.

I synchronize with divine protection.

I synchronize with safe growth.

I synchronize with immunity.

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