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Reclaiming Your Space

Redikall Insights and Multi -Chakra Knowledge on how to reclaim ones personal space in different aspects of one's life.
Reclaiming Your Space

Finding personal space to be yourself can be a real challenge. With family, work, and living arrangements, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, as there's often not enough space to chill out, recharge, and just be you.

This blog explores the importance of personal space, the types of space we need, and practical ways to reclaim it in various aspects of our lives.

Real-Life Examples:

  • Manohar's Story: Manohar often pretended to work overtime and arrived home late when everyone was about to sleep. He did this because he couldn't find his space at home.

  • Aroma's Struggle: Aroma frequently went on work-related trips and felt sick upon her return, often ending up in the ICU. Working with Redikall, she realized her acute need for personal space during her travels, as she didn't get her space at home due to clingy and demanding family members.

  • Amit's Escape: 17-year-old Amit spent time in the bathroom, the only place he was not interrupted in their small, crowded flat.

The Importance of Personal Space

We all like to have time to ourselves now and then. This can be hard to get in big families, hostels, or shared rentals. Sometimes, even in public, we act like we don't know the people around us to have our own space.

Types of Personal Space:

  • Energetic Space: Being amidst people while maintaining an impenetrable energetic bubble.

  • Emotional Space: Remaining emotionally unavailable to those around you.

  • Intellectual Space: Feeling your thoughts and beliefs are respected and not violated.

  • Quiet Space: Needing minimal or no noise to recharge.

  • Physical Space: Desiring physical isolation for extended periods.

  • Spiritual Space: Being acutely aware of the soul-level vibrations in a given space.

How to Protect Your Space:

  • Be Assertive: Communicate your need for space clearly and confidently.

  • Plan Me-Time: Schedule regular times for solitude and relaxation.

  • Prioritize: Make personal space a priority in your daily life.

  • Seek Cooperation: Ask for understanding and cooperation from family and friends.

  • Select Your Hobbies and Travel: Choose activities and destinations that allow you to find your space.

  • Plan Your Interior Accordingly: Design your living space to support your need for personal space.

Reclaiming Space in Various Aspects of Life:

Professional Space:

  • Set boundaries at work to ensure you have time for focused tasks.

  • Use breaks effectively to recharge and reset.

Married Life:

  • Communicate openly with your partner about your need for personal space.

  • Respect each other's need for solitude.

Space for Mothers:

  • Mothers should schedule personal time to rejuvenate and maintain their well-being.

  • Encourage family members to support this need.

Space for Children:

  • Teach children the importance of personal space and how to respect it.

  • Provide them with their own space to explore and grow.

Space for the Man of the House:

  • Encourage men to take time for themselves to unwind and relax.

  • Respect their need for quiet and solitude.

Space for Partners:

  • Both partners should recognize and honor each other's need for space.

  • Create a balanced environment where both can thrive.

Reclaiming your space is important for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. When you understand the different types of space you need and take practical steps to protect it, you can have a more balanced and fulfilling life.

How do you make sure you have the space you need in your life?

Reclaiming Your Space

This blog helps us understand the importance of personal space and offers practical tips to reclaim it in our daily lives.

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