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How to transform disgust?


Think your way to a better life with Chakra Insights

How do you deal with 'disgusting' people and situations?

Our cultural upbringing and educational inputs often make us feel disgusted towards things that don't align with our beliefs or values. However, what bothers us is not necessarily the people or situations we find disgusting but our response system, which is often full of disgust.

Why does one need to have a more refined response system?

If you've tried to change your reaction to things that bother you but haven't been successful, it might be time to awaken a more refined response system and ensure that you respond more maturely. The root of the problem is often our response rather than external factors.

Here are some more Statements you can try.

Recite 3-7 times:

  • I transform and transcend my beliefs and rigid conditioning.

  • I transform and transcend my value system.

  • I transform and transcend my righteousness.

  • I transform and transcend my fear of getting adversely affected.

  • I transform and transcend my need to change my response.

​ I awaken consideration.

  • I awaken compassion.

  • I awaken tolerance.

  • I awaken endurance.

  • I awaken neutrality.

  • I synchronize with the most appropriate response system.

Did the statements make a difference?

  • Yes

  • No


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