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Hopelessness to Hopefulness with 5 Redikall Statements 🌸

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

16-year-old Sam did not want to go home that day, nor was he ready to call his parents.

He did not know how to reveal this disappointing news.

For the first time, in 10th grade, he had failed to secure the first rank in his school.

The first rank had always been his in school and all his folks had very high hopes for his outstanding success this year as well. His parents had planned celebrations and his reward gifts were ready.

The guilt of letting them down weighed heavily on his chest and he just could not gather the courage to go home.

He always crossed a railway line on his way back home from school. That day, he had his rolled-up mark sheet in one hand and handkerchief in the other. His eyes were on the train which was about to cross his path, guarded by a loosely clasped barricade. In a flash, he succumbed to an impulse and jumped in front of the engine before anyone could save his life!

Failures, setbacks, and unexpected turns of events often deprive you of your ability to look for a ray of hope and find a way out. You often make a seemingly hopeless situation more hopeless out of your impulsive reaction to it.

Hope can be merely a mirage. However, it has the power to help you sail through a rough patch of life. What you think is an end can be just a bend, and there is always a way forward. Rediscover the hope to regain the possibility of moving on and moving forward. Before any construction, some destruction may be planned. You never know, your current situation may mark a major positive possibility. However, for you to allow these amazing opportunities to unfold once again in your life, you need to move from a space of utter despair to optimism.

"Hope is like a mirage enticing you to continue moving forward in times of utter despair."

-The Eternal Love Story

When you feel that everything is lost, your hope becomes your savior because hope has the potential to make you bounce back to your best. Let us begin by rediscovering hope.

Even when there are minor setbacks, you often move on and move forward if you are hopeful. It is important to always remain hopeful to continue moving on and moving forward in life.

You can easily transform and transcend your feelings of despair, gloom, loss of hope, tendency to give up, doubts, suffering, let downs, sensitivity to the environment, and move towards optimism, positivity, faith, and being upbeat, joyous, happy and hopeful for yourself and others.

Transform and transcend your feelings of Hopelessness to Hopefulness with Redikall Instant Statements and bring a positive shift in your life.

Assess the level of the feeling of Hopelessness on a scale of 0 to 10 and recite the following Statements 7-21 times silently in your mind.

With Soul's Love, I transform and transcend my feeling of hopelessness.
With Soul’s Love, I transform and transcend my need for my feeling of hopelessness.
With Soul's Love, I transform and transcend the reason for my feeling of hopelessness.
With Soul's Love, I transform and transcend the resistance to let go of my feeling of hopelessness.
With Soul's Love, I transform and transcend the brilliance in my feeling of hopelessness.

Re-assess the level of feeling of Hopelessness once again. You can repeat the Statements, as and when needed.

It’s so easy to be hopeful again!

To reduce the recurrence of hopelessness, you may need deeper inner work with Redikall.

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