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Feeling Good Enough: Overcoming the Fear of Stagnation

Updated: Jun 8

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Feeling Good Enough: Overcoming the Fear of Stagnation

Who doesn't want to feel good enough, adequate, and accomplished?

We all strive for this sense of fulfillment. However, we subconsciously resist feeling adequate because of a deep-seated fear of stagnation: What if we become complacent and stop growing once we feel accomplished?

To avoid this, we continually strive for betterment and improvement, often labeling ourselves as "not enough." This feeling, ironically, can hinder our progress in life.

The Subconscious Game of Inadequacy

This persistent feeling of inadequacy is often reinforced by those around us - friends, relatives, colleagues, bosses, and even customers. Just when you start feeling like a super achiever, someone is likely to compete with you, criticize you, judge you, or undermine your progress and success. These challenges manifest as mind games perpetuating the not-good-enough feeling.

Recognizing and Overcoming the Pattern

The key to overcoming this pattern is recognizing it for what it is - A subconscious game. You can grow beyond this and better yourself. Here’s how:

  • Dissociate Not-Enough Feelings from Personal Growth: If you start your journey with the thought "I am not good enough," this thought acts like a seed and will multiply, regardless of your achievements. Your subconscious mind will continue to attract competitors and reminders of your perceived inadequacy.

  • Associate Good Feelings with Progress and Success: Train your subconscious mind to associate feelings of adequacy and accomplishment with continuous progress. Convince yourself that you can feel good enough while still striving for success.

Redikall Statements for Subconscious Reprogramming

Redikall Statements, based on catalyst keywords, can help reprogram your subconscious mind. These statements are designed to deprogram negative thoughts and reprogram positive ones.

Here are some Redikall Statements to get you started:

  • Deprogramming Negative Thoughts:

  • With Redikall Consciousness, I purify my not-enough feelings.

  • With Redikall Consciousness, I purify my dark feelings.

  • With Redikall Consciousness, I purify my not-okay feelings.

  • With Redikall Consciousness, I purify my sense of inadequacy.

  • I transform and transcend my need to grow feeling not okay and not enough.

  • I transform and transcend my quest for perfection.

  • Reprogramming Positive Thoughts:

  • I awaken the sense of adequacy.

  • I synchronize with the sense of adequacy.

  • I peacefully progress feeling good enough and adequate.

To effectively use these Redikall Statements, follow these steps:

  • Find a Quiet Space: Sit or lie in a semi-reclined position.

  • Focus on Your Breath: Breathe in a sense of adequacy and breathe out feelings of inadequacy.

  • Recite the Statements: Repeat the Deprogramming and Reprogramming statements, focusing on their meaning and impact.

Awesome Life with Awesome Vibes_ Episode 21

In this video, we dive deep into the transformative concept of "Embracing Adequacy: Overcoming the Not-Good-Enough Syndrome", brought to you by iSolveLife, a platform dedicated to your personal and spiritual growth. Through the channeling of Aatmn Parmar and the profound teachings of Redikall, we explore "how to reprogram your subconscious to feel accomplished and adequate, breaking free from the endless cycle of self-comparison and inadequacy".

Embrace the journey of self-improvement by transforming your subconscious beliefs.

To delve deeper into these strategies, read the book "Redikall Crystalline Mind." It provides a comprehensive guide to deprogramming and reprogramming your subconscious mind, helping you become a super achiever while feeling good enough and adequate.

Keep progressing, keep spreading positive vibes, and lead an awesome life with these transformative bites of wisdom.

About the Author: This blog was written by Aatmn Parmar, Founder of Redikall, dedicated to helping individuals achieve their highest potential through subconscious reprogramming and self-improvement techniques. For more information and personalized guidance, feel free to schedule a free appointment.

Feeling Good Enough: Overcoming the Fear of Stagnation

Discover how to overcome the subconscious fear of stagnation and feelings of inadequacy with Redikall Statements, promoting continuous growth and fulfillment. Transform your mindset to associate feelings of adequacy with progress, ensuring you feel accomplished while striving for success.

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