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5-Day Intensive Coaching Summit

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Discover your Confidence

Awaken A Confident, Assertive, and Self-Assured You!

5-Day intensive coaching summit

You can join any session you want!

Topics Cover all the reasons that may hold your confidence back

An Interactive Experience

Join Any Session with Any Speaker!

Ask Questions. Resolve your Problems. Get Support & More!

Start your journey towards CONFIDENCE with the best of Redikall

Registrations Starting From ₹1,000 / Registration





Calming the Critic Within

This session focuses on recognizing and silencing the internal critic that undermines self-worth and confidence. You will learn Redikall techniques to identify deeply rooted negative self-beliefs and replace them with positive affirmations and energy corrections. Through guided meditations and affirmations, you will begin to transform your internal dialogue to support a healthier self-image.


Healing the Inner Child

Many core issues of self-worth originate in childhood. In this powerful session, you will use Redikall healing methods to address and heal these childhood wounds. By revisiting and nurturing their inner child, attendees will experience a profound shift in how they view themselves, paving the way for a renewed sense of inherent worth.


Clearing Negative Associations with Confidence

This session aims to dismantle the barriers and negative associations that you may often have about expressing confidence. Through energy clearing and cognitive restructuring techniques, you will redefine what confidence means to you and remove blockages that prevent you from embodying it fully.


Activating Your Throat Chakra

Effective communication is key to expressing confidence. This session will focus on activating and balancing the throat chakra, which governs your ability to communicate clearly and confidently. Techniques will include vocal exercises, chanting, and visualization, all aimed at enhancing assertiveness and self-expression.


Being Gracefully Confident

Learn to embody confidence with grace and authenticity in this closing session. You will engage in role-playing exercises and practical applications of Redikall healing to integrate your newfound confidence into everyday situations. You will leave with practical tools to maintain this balance and express your true selves in all aspects of life.


A homemaker struggling to put across their views

A professional aspiring for leadership

Those seeking personal growth

A student or a lifelong learner

A creator or entrepreneur

Those struggling with Confidence

This seminar is perfect for you

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