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Redikall Insights 
Derived from over 250+ Multi-Chakra Insights


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Feb 15, 2024

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Bridge your Conscious Mind with the Superconscious Mind.
Spiritual Solutions Level 1 Part 1

Bridge your Conscious Mind with the Superconscious Mind.

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What is Redikall®️

Redikall is a set of techniques and principles to transform your life by transforming your conscious and sub-conscious mind with 250+ spiritual multi-chakra insights.


1st Step to the Redikall Curriculum

 The flagship course of the Spiritual Solution series introduces you to powerful knowledge and technique to bridge your Conscious Mind with Super Conscious Mind. 

See the video to get a glimpse of "What is Redikall?"

During this course, you will learn excellent Redikall tools and techniques that will help you :

  • Offload past emotional baggage.

  • Decode the reasons for your current reality with respect to relationships, money, career, and

  • Address your problems with powerful channeled tools and techniques

  • Learn to remain a neutral observer of life

  • Connect with your higher consciousness and collective consciousness for a constant personalized solution, guidance, and direction.

  • Start living with heightened awareness.

Eligibility: Basic Knowledge of English and age 18+. Preparation to learn and interact on online platforms


  • Personalized - You will get 2 one-on-one sessions from a Redikall Mentor.

  • Membership - Free Classic Membership during the course tenure

  • Recordings - Access to all class recordings for 6 months

  • Constant Nurturing - You will also receive guidance from a team of online Senior mentors during the tenure of the course - who will support you through the Spiritual Solution course: Thrice a day for 5 days a week.


Uma Sangal & Renu Sharma

About the Facilitator

Uma Sangal A renowned Architect from Mumbai, is the Director of Redikall Insights. She transformed her reality at work, and her incurable back pain, by metaphysically aligning herself to her life plan, with the help of simple and powerful Redikall Healing Techniques. She is well versed in metaphysical communication for spiritual, professional and personal growth. Uma has traveled widely within the country and internationally, helping people transform and align with their blueprint of life through the Redikall Insights curriculum. Helping people to awaken their Inner Truth by decoding their lives. She teaches students across the globe the channeled tools and techniques of Auto Healing and Self Awakening through webinars, onsite workshops and personal sessions too. Uma believes a wholesome balance of personal and professional life is the key to align to one’s life plan, which she practices seamlessly as an Architect and Spiritual Coach & Healer. Renu Sharma A mentor and student counselor at Redikall, hails from Ahmedabad, bringing with her a wealth of expertise as a nutritionist and yoga therapist. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of Redikall techniques, as she overcame personal barriers and unlocked her full potential. By aligning herself with her life plan using Redikall's potent techniques, Renu transcended her lack of assertiveness and opened herself to receiving abundance. Utilizing tools like the Redikall Multi Chakra and metaphysical insights, she has experienced multidimensional growth and empowerment. As a mentor, Renu guides others on their paths to transformation, using the Redikall Multi Chakra recitation and mentoring them through the curriculum. She firmly believes in the importance of aligning with the Seven Principles of Redikall and embracing one's authentic self as the key to realizing one's life plan. In her interactions with students and clients, Renu embodies these principles, fostering an environment of authenticity, growth, and alignment. Her dedication to helping others align with their life plans mirrors her own journey, making her a valuable member to the Redikall community.

Use Code


For over 30% Discount

First 15 Registrations



Fees Start From

INR 4,130

No. Of Classes

8 Classes conducted on Mondays & Thursdays at 7 pm

Time Zone


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Rakesh Premjit Sen on Redikall Insights | in conversation with Arati Gupta & Archhana A Singhh
Sudhin Kumar Mukundan on Redikall Insights | in conversation with Arati Gupta & Archhana A Singhh
Tripti Bhadauriya on Redikall Insights | in conversation with Arati Gupta & Archhana A Singhh
Tina Bhardwaj on Redikall Insights | in conversation with Arati Gupta & Archhana A Singhh
Shital Gusani on Redikall Insights | in conversation with Arati Gupta & Archhana A Singhh
Deepa Purushottam on Redikall Insights | in conversation with Arati Gupta & Archhana A Singhh
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Thursday, February 15, 2024 at 1:30:00 PM UTC

Bridge your Conscious Mind with the Superconscious Mind.