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Redikall Awakening Retreat - By Aatmn Parmar In Delhi

Awaken your Brilliant Self


Apr 10, 2024


Zorba The Buddha

"Enhanced consciousness takes you beyond the need for healing"

When you observe your life from the soul consciousness, your perspective towards life shifts completely and you can super-simplify the self-created complexities in an unbelievably short duration - Thanks to modern channeled techniques and tested spiritual principles.

For several unresolved issues, Awakening is the ultimate solution. You have to experience it to believe how simple and powerful it can be.

Awakening with Aatmn super-simplifies challenges and gives great meaning to your life with consciousness expansion.

Click HERE to learn more in detail about the Redikall Awakening Retreat.

Extra Benefits:

  • 42 days of Part 1 & 2 Online Follow-up Course (21 days each)

  • 1 - 1-month Open House (mentor guidance on Zoom)

  • Whatsapp group support

Zorba the Buddha is a premier open-faith spiritual center located on the lush…


Pictures of the Venue


1. What is Redikall Awakening?

A. A transformative program enhancing consciousness through modern techniques and spiritual principles, consisting of three parts aimed at personal growth.

2. Benefits of Redikall Awakening?

A. It simplifies life's challenges, offers solutions to unresolved issues, and enriches life with expanded consciousness.

3. What's included in the program?

A. Includes 42 days of Parts 1 & 2 online courses, 1-month mentor guidance on Zoom, and WhatsApp group support.

4. Pricing details?

A. ₹52,500 with an Early Bird Discount of ₹49,400 for the first 10 enrollees.

5. How to enroll?


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