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Circle of Peaceful & Passionate Progress

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Aatmn Parmar
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Redikall Statements for increasing focus and concentration

I solve my distraction

I dissolve my lack distraction

I resolve my lack distraction

I co-solve my lack distraction

I supersolve my lack distraction

I awaken prosperity consciousness.

I awaken prosperous me.

I solve my scattered feeling

I dissolve my scattered feeling

I resolve my scattered feeling

I co-solve my scattered feeling

I supersolve my scattered feeling

I awaken focus and concentration

I awaken focused me.

I solve my future fantasies

I dissolve my future fantasies

I resolve my future fantasies

I co-solve my future fantasies

I supersolve my future fantasies

I awaken being in the now

I awaken me in the now

I solve my attachment to the past

I dissolve my attachment to the past

I resolve my attachment to the past

I co-solve my attachment to the past

I supersolve my attachment to the past

I awaken detachment

I awaken detached me

Do you have your own special statements? Please share them with the group.

Aatmn Parmar
06 Sep 2023




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