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Strong  self-worth is the foundation for a happy and fulfilling life. It impacts everything from our relationships and careers to our mental and physical well-being. Low self-worth can make one anxious, depressed, or have negative self-talk. 

Low self-worth can also come in the way of accepting compliments or believing in the abilities. When you grapple with low self-worth, it leads to unhappiness and hinders attaining full potential. The good news is, self-worth can be cultivated! Building self-worth fosters resilience and a positive outlook.

This guide offers actionable steps to build unshakeable confidence and sense of self-worth, by changing the thought patterns at the subconscious level. The results of the changed thoughts at your deeper level gets reflected in your outer world. 

Changing the patterns of inhibiting thoughts goes in the following order. We first de-program, transcend them & then re-program with strong catalyst statements to experience the positive effects. When you practice these easy statements persistently, it becomes effortless for your subconscious mind to take new ideas and make a shift. 

So, let’s get started :)

Deprogramming statements: 

With Redikall consciousness I purify my lack of self-worth

With Redikall consciousness I purify my unqualified feeling

Transforming statements:

I transform & transcend my need to be worthy

I transform & transcend my need to feel respected

Reprogramming statements:

I awaken my honor

I awaken my self-worth. 

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